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Ellis Island : 

Ellis Island From Europe to “The Golden Door”     By Ryan Priestley

America’s Premier Immigration Station : 

America’s Premier Immigration Station 1890 – Federal Government establishes Bureau of Immigration & selects Ellis Island as site of new immigration station for port of New York 1892 – Ellis Island opens it doors January 1 1897 – Fire destroys original wood buildings 1900 – Ellis Island re-opens in its present Beaux-Art style

100 Million Americans Can Trace Ancestry to Ellis Island : 

100 Million Americans Can Trace Ancestry to Ellis Island 12 Million pass through from 1892 – 1954 Peak years from 1892 – 1924 11,747 processed on one day 1907 Quotas begin to restrict immigrants 1924 Used as detention center for enemy aliens 1943 Closes doors 1954

Saving Ellis Island : 

Saving Ellis Island 1965 – Taken over by National Park Service 1974 – Restore Ellis Island committee formed 1983 – Restoration begins 1990 – Ellis Island Immigration Museum opens September 10 1992- Ellis Island Centennial

First Wave of Immigration : 

First Wave of Immigration 1830s / 1850s – Northwestern Europeans flee starvation, feudal governments & social upheaval from the Industrial Revolution. They came here from: Ireland Germany Scandinavia As well as China

Second Wave of Immigration : 

Second Wave of Immigration A “Flood-Tide” from Eastern & Southern Europe Fleeing burdens of high taxes, poverty & overpopulation, oppression & religious persecution

Second Wave of Immigration : 

Second Wave of Immigration A Monumental Decision Leaving Family & Friends Maybe to Never See Them Again & Begin a New Life in America

The Ship’s Manifest : 

The Ship’s Manifest Before Boarding Ship, Each Passenger was Subjected to De-Lousing & Questioning A Series of 29 Questions were Asked Answers were Written on the Ship’s Manifest In English Documenting Information for Genealogists Today

The Ship’s Manifest : 

The Ship’s Manifest

Leaving Europe for America : 

Leaving Europe for America $12.00 Ticket 10-14 Day Journey 3rd Class Steerage Crude Conditions

Onboard Ship : 

Onboard Ship

End of the Journey : 

End of the Journey “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor. Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free, The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore… “ We'll take your trash!!

Arrival At Ellis Island : 

Arrival At Ellis Island Transferred from Ship to the Island via Ferry Sometimes Waiting for Hours to be Moved And Reach the Golden Door to America

Welcome to America! : 

Welcome to America!

The Waiting Room : 

The Waiting Room

The Great Hall : 

The Great Hall

The Waiting Is Over : 

The Waiting Is Over Now began a series of tests that would determine your fate Only 2 % were sent back 2% of 12 Million Would you like to have 2% of $12 Million Dollars?

The Inspection Line : 

The Inspection Line

The Medical Exam : 

The Medical Exam Medical Inspectors watched the people & marked them with chalk The exam was frightening & embarrassing Many varied ailments could send you home

Chalk Marks Used at Ellis Island : 

Chalk Marks Used at Ellis Island X – Suspected Mental Defect Circled X- Definite Signs of Mental Defects B – Black C- Conjunctivitis CT – Trachoma E- Eyes F- Face Ft- Feet G- Goiter H- Heart K- Hernia N- Neck L- Lameness P- Physical & Lungs PG- Pregnancy SC- Scalp S- Senility SI- Special Inquiry

The Eye Exam : 

The Eye Exam Eyes were special treatment Each person had their eyes examined, usually with a hook to flip them up. They were looking for Trachoma

Trachoma & Fauves : 

Trachoma & Fauves Trachoma & Fauves were the 2 main diseases that would send you home Fauves is a skin fungus Trachoma is a version of “Pink Eye”

The Questions : 

The Questions Asked a Series of 29 Questions The Same as Were Asked Before Leaving Europe To See if Your Story Remained the Same

The Mental Exam : 

The Mental Exam Immigrants who Looked “Out of the Ordinary” Were Given Mental Exams If You Failed the Exams (3 Chances), You Were Deported Or Sent to DC to Become a Congressman

Making it : 

Making it Once All the Testing Was Done, You Were Allowed to Leave the Island & Become an American Or Become a “Bird of Passage”

The Streets Are Paved with Gold : 

The Streets Are Paved with Gold I came here believing the streets were paved with gold. I found out the streets weren’t paved at all, And I was expected to pave them!

Nativist Resistance : 

Nativist Resistance

Too Many Undesirables : 

Too Many Undesirables The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 effectively ends Chinese immigration A growing Nativist movement grips the nation WWI & the Russian Revolution promotes Xenophobia

Limiting Immigration : 

Limiting Immigration Quota system instituted in 1922 Limits immigrants to a percentage of ethnic group already in the U.S. Favors “desirable” immigrants over others

America, The Melting Pot : 

America, The Melting Pot Our Unique Blend of Ethnicity has Resulted in a New & Distinct Culture Amongst the Nations of the World Are We Really a Melting Pot? Or More Like A Tossed Salad?

Ethnic Diversity Builds a Nation : 

Ethnic Diversity Builds a Nation

Every Culture Contributed : 

Every Culture Contributed

To Make Us What We Are Today : 

To Make Us What We Are Today

Tracing Your Family History : 

Tracing Your Family History www.ellisisland.org Search Passenger records Add a Relative’s Name to the “Wall of Honor”

The End : 

The End

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