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Vermiculture And Organic Fertilizers:

Vermiculture And Organic Fertilizers


Vermiculture Vermiculture means artificial rearing and cultivation of Earthworms. It is a scientific method of breeding and raising earthworms in controlled conditions. It aims at creating improved conditions artificially so that worms multiply in shortest possible time & space.

Vermiculture Process:

Vermiculture Process Site selection. Availability of decompossable organic waste. Collection and study how earthworms to be cultured Selection of suitable species. Maintenance of sub culture for eventual large scale culture

Basic Characters of suitable species:

Basic Characters of suitable species Efficient convertor of plant or animal bio mass. High consumption digestion and assimilation rate. Growth rate should be fast. Compatibility with other worms. It should be desease resistant.


Vermicomposting It is the method of making compost with the use of earthworms. Which generally live in soil, eat biomass & excrete it in digested form. This compost is generally called Vermicompost.

Advantage of Vermicompostion:

Advantage of Vermicompostion It is an eco-friendly natural fertilizer. It does not have any adverse effect on soil, plant and environment. It improves soil aeration. It improves water retention capacity. It promotes better root growth.


Vermitechnology It is the combination of vermiculture and vermicomposting. This technology has been defined by Prof. B.K.Senapati, as a method of converting wastes into useful products. Through action of earthworm comprising three main component process- 1.Vermiculture 2.Vermicomposting 3.Vermiconservation

Organic Fertilizers:

Organic Fertilizers Organic fertilizer include naturally occuring organic material. Eg-manure,worm castings,seaweed

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer:

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Improve the structure of soil. Retain soil moisture. Release nitrogen slowly and consistently. Do not burn the plants like some chemical fertilizer. Disadvantage- The composition of organic fertilizer tends to be more complex and variable than a standardized inorganic product .

Types of Organic Fertilizer:

Types of Organic Fertilizer Plant based fertilizer Animal based fertilizer Mineral based fertilizer Compost

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