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Cause and Effect Unless otherwise noted in the top right corner, all slides in this PowerPoint Presentation were originally created as a Promethean Flipchart by Tien-Tien Chen from Duffy Elementary School, West Hartford, CT and obtained from Promethean Planet. The slides were converted to PowerPoint and edited to meet the criteria of this course by Regina Pieterse.

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Cause A cause is something that makes something else happen. It happens FIRST . To find it, ask "How did it happen?"

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Effect The effect takes place as a result of the cause. What do you think that nail caused? It happens SECOND ! To find it, ask, "What happened?"

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Image created by: Holly Penix Blythe-Bower Cleveland, TN 2nd Grade

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Thanks to: Diana Dell, Ed.S. @ The cause explains why something happened. The effect tells what happened .

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Now you try!- pick the best choice. What could be the EFFECT of playing catch in the house? A. You get invited to play football with Tom Brady. B. You break a lamp. C. You win a prize.

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What could be the CAUSE of breaking the law? Chewing gum B. Stealing C. Jumping

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What could be the CAUSE of having an awesome report card? A. Paying attention B. Fooling around C. Not listening

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since Text provided by: Michelle Sears Cause and Effect Vocabulary/Signal Words best reason therefore so... if...then as a result this led to why did it happen? what happened? because thus...

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