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See the order in which major goals must be accomplished to pull off a successful Summer of Solutions program.


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Summer of Solutions Program Timeline:

Summer of Solutions Program Timeline Please view in actual PowerPoint Slideshow format. The following slides contain extensive animation and will be much easier to understand in that format. Thank You and Welcome! - The 2011 Program Support Team

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SoS Programs Idea-Sharing and Adapting Structure and Strategy Inviting New Leaders Planning SoS Programs Regional Hubs that support and expand this program cycle in their area year-round. New models that can be replicated elsewhere Self-Sustaining Solutions (growing year-round) in new Communities Solutions! National Gathering (August) Participants build solutions in their communities Orientation and Training week (early summer) New SoS Teams Form (Fall) Training SoS Teams (January ) Intensive SoS Planning (Spring) 2-month SoS (summer) Grand Aspirations Program Cycle

The following slide unpacks the portion of this program cycle related to the timeline and planning process for the Summer of Solutions. Check out the following diagram key: :

The following slide unpacks the portion of this program cycle related to the timeline and planning process for the Summer of Solutions. Check out the following diagram key: Supported by Resources Team Supported by Media Team Supported by Leadership Development Team Key: Action Item Related Track Other Symbol Supported by Organizational Development Team Supported by Program Support Team Recruitment/Outreach & Program Design/Logistics Partnerships and Community Leadership Development Resource Generation Media and Story-Telling Launch Event Following Dependent on Previous Goals Ongoing process Milestone

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Full-time participants selected PowerShift outreach Final Deadline Priority Deadline Outreach to applicants, secure lots of applications, selection, follow-up ID who will attend retreat Apply to be program leaders Ongoing peer-to-peer collaboration nationally, 1-on-1 program support, confluence calls, etc Program Support Begins Program Leader Entry Survey ID basic program details and location Develop web content ID neighborhood(s) of focus & potential partners Tailor local applications Create initial $ strategy Launch Participant Application First fundraising events & grant selection Fall 2010: Preparation Spring 2011: Intensive Planning Start spreading the word SoS 2011 Secure Housing, Space, and food Develop a budget and a resource plan Grants In-kind Grassroots Events Develop a media strategy Preparation info for participants Get Resources! Develop an AO strategy Develop a training and leadership development plan Build Partnerships ID housing/ space options Get lots of media Plan project work Decide resource allocation Collaborate Nationally Build leadership skills in orientation week and beyond Orient people to projects and program Orient people to community/ solidarity Conduct ongoing fundraising Program Leader & Participant Exit Surveys Participant Entry Survey Tell the story locally and nationally Build a powerful community Develop long-term capacity Clarify projects and create descriptions Develop strong local leadership Create a plan for program and project continuity Kick-off event or media splash End of summer reflection Local News Social Media National Media Orientation Week of Summer of Solutions Program Leadership Gatherings National gathering Partnerships and Community Program Design and Logistics Leadership Development Resource Generation Media and Story-Telling Recruitment and Outreach Create the Solutions!

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