Common causes of Hip pain in women

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It has been observed that women tend to experience hip pain more than men. As hip pain can be caused because a number of different causes, and determining the correct one is the key to getting the best treatment. When a woman visits an orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon with the problem of hip pain, they mainly consider the patient's age, build, and activity level. For more info visit:


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Common Causes of Hip Pain In Women

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The hip is a ball and socket joint that attaches the leg to the torso of the body. In the hip joint, the head of the femur (thighbone) swivels within the acetabulum, the socket, made up of pelvic bones. While many causes of hip  pain  can arise from the joint itself, there are numerous structures surrounding the hip that can also be the source of pain. Hip Pain

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Common Causes of Hip Pain Arthritis Gynecological and back issues Hip Fractures Hernia Tendinitis and bursitis

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Arthritis This is noted as the most common cause of chronic hip pain in women, especially osteoarthritis. The arthritis pain is often felt in the front of the thigh or in the groin, due to stiffness or swelling in the joint

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Gynecological and back issues The hip pain in women can have gynecological causes as suggested by the best orthopedic doctors in Gurgaon. They say that it’s important not to just assume that the pain is caused by arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis. Depending on the age and other health issues, the pain in the hip could be coming from some other system in the body.

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Hernia Any kind of hernia can cause anterior (frontal) hip pain in women. The pregnant women can be susceptible to inguinal hernias because of the added pressure on the wall of their abdomen

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Tendinitis and bursitis One of the most common causes of tendinitis at the hip joint, is found especially in runners, and is known as iliotibial band syndrome. The iliotibial band is the thick span of tissue that runs from the outer rim of the pelvis to the outside of the knee. Another common cause of hip pain in women is bursitis in which the fluid-filled sacs called bursae cushion the bony part of the hip become inflamed from irritation or overuse and cause pain whenever you move the hip joint For more Info visit :

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