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ADULTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITY Learning disabilities are neurological disabilities that may affect how a person learns communicates understands and remembers information. It’s not necessary that every adult individual be born with such disability they may also acquire it later in their life. If we talk about any specific gender getting affected by such disorder it’s nothing like that. It affects both men and women equally. Now we need to know the common indications which maybe a sign of developing any learning disability. Characteristics of adults with LD  Difficulty with reading writing and/or math  Poor memory  Inability to discriminate between letters numbers and/or sounds  Eye-hand coordination problems  Difficulty putting things in the right sequence What causes LD The few factors which can cause LD includes: Heredity: Such disabilities like difficulty in writing/reading often run in the family so many people with learning disabilities have parents or other relatives with similar difficulties. Problems during pregnancy and birth: It may be caused by illness or injury during or before birth. It may also be caused by low birth weight drug or alcohol use during pregnancy lack of oxygen and premature or prolonged labor.

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Incidents after birth: Head injuries exposure to toxic substances and drug or alcohol use during pregnancy can contribute to the development of learning disabilities. Typical strategies and treatment methods that may help adults with LD include audio texts color-coding for organization reading out loud or use of graphic organizers like charts diagrams etc. Assistive technology may also find to be beneficial for adults with LD – at home school and work. Adults with dysgraphia who went through childhood undiagnosed may have feelings of shame or anger related to the condition. Regardless of age it’s important for people with such disorder to recognize that the condition is nothing to be ashamed of and psychotherapy can be beneficial for dealing with such unresolved anger/frustration and for building self-esteem. Source: support/ Search Terms: Learning disabilities learning problems delhi

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