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I'm Relieved I got Myself A Better Job I'm one of the small amount of individuals who can say that they really enjoy their work. That's not necessarily been the case and my last place of work was beginning to end up like the workplace from hell for me on account of my manager having a problem with me from the first day I started doing work there. I do not know what his trouble was with me as I was good at my job, was never late and did not create any troubles but he often appeared to be picking on me. I had began to drop some weight and was even beginning to feel in poor health due to all the tension caused by it all.. There where periods when I was hoping I could just call in sick and not bother going in in any way but I knew that if I did he would merely make a problem out of it. It was only when I was communicating to a pal of mine that explained I did not need to endure this and we went on line and analyzed Unfair Dismissal NSW and then Employment Law yers NSW and I felt a great deal better about my predicament. In the morning I got in touch with someone about what I had been going through and they felt that I had a real case since I'd spoken up about it before but I was pushed aside. Soon after some more situations the firm that I was being employed by were informed that I would be departing and trying to get a compensation package as a result of the treatment that I had suffered while working there. There was a bit of legal toing and froing but I ended up getting what I was looking for and that permitted me to take the time to come across the perfect job for me. I have been in this newest placement now for a month or two and I get on really well with my workmates and employers and this has truly made it simpler for my work, there is actually talk of moving on through the company as they have been so pleased with my improvement. We all go out on regular nights out and that has actually helped make a great bond between us and when compared to my previous job it couldn't be more different. I'm so happy that my buddy talked me into actually making the move otherwise I might still have been caught in there rather than where I am now.

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