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Question: 1 Assuming no database connections exist which of the following will dynamically change the LOCKLIST database configuration parameter for a database named SAMPLE to AUTOMATIC A. UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample USING LOOCKLIST AUTOMATIC IMMEDIATE B. UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample USING LOOCKLIST 8192 AUTOMATIC IMMEDIATE C. CONNECT TO sampleUPDATE DB CFG FOR sample USINGLOCKLIST AUTOMATIC IMMEDIATECONNECT RESET D. ATTACH TO db2inst1UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample USING LOCKLIST AUTOMATICDETACH Answer: C Question: 2 Which two tasks must be done to read data directly from IBM Softlayer Object Storage and insert it into a DB2 database Choose two. A. Catalog a storage access alias in the DB2 database B. Create an FTP account on IBM Softlayer Object Storage C. Use the DB2REMOTE parameter of the LOAD command D. Establish a remote connection to IBM Softlayer Object Storage using DB2 Connect E. Create a local disk alias at the database server operating system level that points to IBM Softlayer Object Storage Answer: AC Question: 3 Which of the following statements about compression for BLU MPP tables is TRUE A. Compression must be explicitly enabled for BLU MPP tables B. Compression requires decompression to evaluate partition joins C. Unique compression dictionaries are generated for each partition D. Each table has a single compression dictionary that getsreplicated across all partitions Answer: D Question: 4 Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/c2090-600/

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A production database has the following daily midnight backup schedule which includes all table spaces. The database incurs the same volume of daily activity inserts updates and deletes. Sunday – Delta Monday – Incremental Tuesday – Delta Wednesday – Delta Thursday – Incremental Friday – Delta Saturday – Full Which day would you expect a RECOVER DATABASE following that day’s backup to take the longest time to complete A. Friday B. Monday C. Saturday D. Wednesday Answer: A Question: 5 Which statement about NOT ENFORCED unique constraints is TRUE A. NOT ENFORCED unique constraints can not be defined on primary key columns B. The query optimizer will consider a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint when selecting an optimal data access plan C. When attempting to insert data that does not conform to a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint awarning will be returned D. Storage requirements for a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint are no different than the storage requirements for a similar unique index Answer: A Question: 6 What is an advantage of using range partitioned tables A. Abilityto run utilities against the partitions in parallel B. Increased query performance through data partition elimination C. Block indexes are much smaller than RID indexes providing better performance D. Table data is automatically and continuously clustered requiring minimal reorganization Answer: B Visit us athttps://www.certsgrade.com/pdf/c2090-600/

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