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At Royal Seas Cruises, we offer a variety of exciting destinations to explore. From Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta or the Bahamas, you can choose from lots of fun locations to explore.


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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Wondering Where to Spend Your Next Vacation ? At Royal Seas Cruises , we offer a variety of exciting destinations to explore. From Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta or the Bahamas , you can choose from lots of fun locations to explore. Here are some of the places you could visit during your next vacation.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Fort Lauderdale

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Fort Lauderdale is full of exciting attractions to take in, from the historic riverfront and the gondolas on the canals to the shopper’s paradise that is Las Olas Boulevard. Whether you want to relax or get moving, the miles and miles of beautiful beaches are the perfect places to soak up the sun while you swim, dive, snorkel, cycle, rollerblade, fish, or just unwind with your toes in the sand. Golfers and tennis players will be happy here, as will foodies: there are thousands of restaurants to choose from, from seafood to steak to ethnic fare. Look to waterfront views to take your dining experience to the next level.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Orlando

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Orlando is fun for the young and the young at heart with over 100 theme parks and other attractions. This playground of a city is the perfect place to visit if you love thrilling rides, entertaining shows, museums, and delicious food. Get outdoors and spend some time hiking, camping, canoeing, picnicking, and even horseback riding at Wekiwa Springs State Park, or spend an afternoon at one of the area’s 50+ golf courses. In Orlando, you’ll find animals from all over the world and the largest kids’ petting zoo with more than 200 friendly farm animals to feed and pet. You can also shop till you drop at some of the largest outlet stores in the country. When the sun goes to bed, the city comes alive, so don’t miss City Walk’s exciting nightlife.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Las Vegas

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Do you want to make sure your vacation includes some serious partying? Las Vegas is one of the most vibrant destinations in the world, and one everyone should see it at least once. The 24-hour casinos, themed hotels, diverse restaurants, and more make Las Vegas an exciting city to visit. Millions of people from around the globe travel here every year to try their luck at the casinos and have their own “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” experience. Don’t miss some of the shows, the Bellagio fountains, or the Eiffel Tower replica – or, if you’re feeling daring, you can even skydive over the city’s dazzling lights. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t worry – there’s plenty for them to do here, too!

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Grand Bahama Island

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Grand Bahama Island is a picture-perfect escape with something for everyone. The unique blend of ecological wonders, historical attractions, and modern appeal make for a truly memorable visit. Here, you’ll find upscale resorts mixed with small-town charm for a glamorous trip of a lifetime. Explore the national parks, underwater caves, endless sandy beaches, and much more. Experience the local customs for a day or an extended stay. Swim with the dolphins, ride a horse, go snorkeling, or discover the fantastic deals on local wares such as perfume and jewelry. Treat yourself in one of the many eateries and bars, or take a tour of the area with an experienced local guide – how you spend your time here is up to you, but whatever you choose is sure to be enjoyable.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Miami

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Miami is a beautiful and exciting place to spend a day or longer, thanks to its abundant sunshine and a wide range of attractions. Spend your time here on the beach or explore one of the other countless things to see and do, such as the art and history museums, Florida’s largest zoological garden, the marine exhibits, vibrant local culture, exotic nightlife, and enough shopping and dining options to satisfy the most seasoned traveler. You’ll love the refreshing sea breezes and breathtaking views of the ocean as well as the restored Art Deco buildings and the endless entertainment options while you’re in town. If you’d like to take in some nature; be sure to put Everglades National Park on your itinerary for a glimpse into Florida’s natural ecosystem and wildlife. Sports fans can even check out a baseball, basketball, or hockey game. There’s definitely something for everyone to love about Miami.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Palm Beach

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations One of the destinations on the Royal Seas Cruises calendar is Palm Beach, which offers everything from water attractions such as SCUBA diving and surfing to dryer pursuits such as golfing and sports. There’s so much to see and do here; you’ll be amazed. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a thriving arts scene including free outdoor exhibits such as murals and installations. Indulge your kids (or the kid in you) and the Silver ball Museum and Arcade with more than 150 classic games. Or , take a food tour and treat your taste buds to the diverse local cuisine (don’t miss the key lime pie at Ganache ). There are also more than enough shopping options to keep you busy for days. Take your Royal Seas Cruises to West Palm Beach and enjoy all the area has to offer.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Puerto Vallarta

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with warm, sunny days and plenty to see and do. This inviting destination offers terrific food, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and gorgeous sandy beaches to relax on . Those looking for adventure will find it in the form of snorkeling, kayaking, jungle tours, zip lines, SCUBA diving, and much more. If you’ve dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here’s your chance – and you can get up close and personal with the sea lions here, too. Top off your day with some dancing and don’t forget to enjoy a classic margarita.

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Royal Seas Cruises Destinations These are some of the places we make room for on our Royal Seas Cruises calendar. Board the Royal Seas Cruise Grand Celebration Ship for your next vacation and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Visit the Royal Seas Welcome Center for more information regarding our Royal Seas Cruises cancellation policy and other pertinent information.

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