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Here Royal Landscapes has shared 5 basic elements for landscape design which are Form, Color, Texture, Line of sight, Scale or balance. Contact us today!


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Landscape Design Principles:

Landscape Design Principles

The 5 basic elements for landscape design are: :

The 5 basic elements for landscape design are: Form Color Texture Line of sight Scale or balance


Color theory often used for landscape design is divided into 4 categories based on the color spectrum Primary: reds, yellows and blues. Secondary: greens, violets (purples) and oranges. Tertiary: Mixtures of the primary and secondary categories. Neutral: White, grays and silvers. Landscapers use this spectrum to choose adjacent colors and offer Unity to the yard. You can achieve unity in your garden by matching: Warm colors to warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow Cool colors to cool colors such as purple, blue, and green COLOR


In landscape designs, form means the shape of plants. Your plant can be of any shape: Oval Spreading Weeping Upright Broad Spreading Columnar Tall plants offer vertical look and bring eye upward whereas low spreading plants draw eyes to the horizon. You can use individual specimen plants to break monotony and create interest. FORM


The line of sight is the flow or viewer's eye movement being influenced by the arrangement of plants and their borders. Your eyes movement get affected unconsciously depending on the way plant groupings fit or flow together - horizontal or vertical. Rows of plants or hedges direct attention to the specific area of yard. Curves or meandering lines slow down your movement and offer a natural undisturbed feeling. LINE OF SIGHT


Scale: Scale refers to the size of landscape elements in relation to their surroundings. Balance: Equal sizes on both side of the landscape gives balance to your yard. SCALE AND BALANCE


Texture is the touch or visual surface quality of an object or plant. The texture of a plant’s foliage or bloom can be viewed as coarse, medium or fine . TEXTURE


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