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The HSS M42 Tersa Blade knives are made with improved cutting angle, this gives a stronger backed up cutting angle giving increased tool life over standard HSS when machining hardwoods.These suit many types of machines including SCM, Weinig, Rojek, Sedgwick and Martin. This alone will give increased tool life of up to 35% compared to the standard HSS knives.


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Woodford Tooling sources products such as Planer blades and Knives from all over the world as well as supporting a number of specialist UK companies for woodworking Machinery, Spindle Tooling and Tersa Knives. UK’s largest stockiest for Planer Knives

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Tersa Knives Woodford Tooling, the supplier of HSS, TCT and M42+ planer knives/ blades to suit major machine models and sizes all over the world. We produce high quality Planer, Jointer or thicknesses blades. https://www.woodfordtooling.com/tersa-knives.html For more information visit : German Tersa HSS M42

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Tersa Knives Swiss Tersa HSS knives are most useful for wood cutting knives now available at online woodfordtooling shop in UK Swiss Tersa HSS For more information visit : https://www.woodfordtooling.com/swiss-tersa-hss.html

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Tersa Knives Genuine Swiss Tersa M42+ blades are the favorite Planer Knives for those professionals who ensure top notch quality work for their customers.   Genuine Swiss Tersa M42+ For more information visit : https://www.woodfordtooling.com/swiss-tersa-m42.html

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Thank You And Visit Our Website www.woodfordtooling.com

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