Why It’s Best to Switch to Ionic Framework?

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Are you planning to build an app for your business? Let’s take a look at why most Ionic app development companies like to use this Framework. https://www.ongraph.com/services/ionic-design-development-outsourcing-india/


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Why It’s Best to Switch to Ionic Framework Are you planning to build an app for your business But don’t know how to build one and which framework would work best for you It is quite obvious to get confused when you have to choose a framework out of a plethora of options available. As hybrid apps are more in demand it is advisable to choose the Ionic framework. It is an cross-platform open-source framework best for the development of mobile applications. The framework is based on the HTML5 programming language. Let’s take a look at why most Ionic app development companies like to use this Framework 1. Ionic is Completely Free and Open Source Anybody around the world can easily start creating a website using the Ionic framework. All you need to have is an Internet connection and a computer you are all set to go. Most people have stability concerns and also the rate of open-source frameworks is too high they say. However when it comes to using Goliath projects they can never have such issues. Instead are the best revenue-generating frameworks for which enterprise-focused companies charge big bucks for their product.

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2. Ionic is Built on Angular In case you’re using an Ionic framework you should know that the framework is built on top of the Angular JS. Ionic is built in such a way that it makes the mobile app development super easy. Although just because it is backed by Google it doesn’t mean that it is the best framework for every situation due to the large developer community and assistance of experienced engineers makes it worth using it. ● Angular is a powerful framework and ionic is built using the same ● You can get flawless support from Angular developers in case you’re stuck using ionic ● If you are already familiar with Angular you can easily learn Ionic 3. Ionic is a Native-like Framework It is not mandatory that mobile web apps should strive to be as a native app however a well-designed native app is smooth and pleasing to use. This should be the concept. Some of the HTML5 mobile frameworks work well like Ionic pulls it off really well. Ionic is fast responsive and smooth. It almost consists of everything required to build an app that performs efficiently on mobile devices. Ionic: ● Has the ability to recycles and reuses DOM elements ● Provides the option to use native scrolling ● Has built-in hardware-accelerated animations that perform well on mobile devices 4. Ionic has a Beautiful UI Ionic has a beautiful and easy to customize UI with a bunch of default CSS components And JavaScript components. The framework covers almost every basic element required to build a mobile application. The UI of Ionic consists of: ● Navigation ● Form Inputs ● Lists ● Buttons ● Tabs ● Popups and prompts

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● Sliding Boxes The Final Word Now that you’ve decided to use the framework to build a super classy and easy-to-use mobile application for your business it is time to hire ionic application developers for better-optimized results. They have experience and know well how to handle issues that might come up while developing mobile apps.

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