How to Hire the Right Node.JS Developer for your Company?


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Hiring the top Node.js developers for your project or for your app development company is a tough task. However, there are certain ways through which you can not only get the best candidates for your project or for your organization.


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How to Hire the Right Node.JS Developer for your Company Hiring the top Node.js developers for your project or for your app development company is a tough task. However there are certain ways through which you can not only get the best candidates for your project or for your organization but also the expertise you might be looking for. All you need to do is plan a strategy know about the project details or the reason for hiring and start your hiring process. In between you might face certain challenges such as: ● The developer isn’t aware of the proper programming paradigm ● Doesn’t have the knowledge of functional programming ● Does not understands “favor object composition over class inheritance” ● Doesn’t know the difference between classical inheritance and prototypal inheritance Once you overcome these challenges you come to a step closer to hiring an ideal Node.js developer. Let’s find out how you can hire node.js developers easily and quickly. Specify your Needs It is most important that you have a clear understanding of what you want what is your vision and how would you like to pursue it. You can create a list of your requirements that will narrow down your search to only those developers who have adequate skills and save a lot of your time. That skill set of Node.js developers should include: ● Ability to write unit and integration tests ● Knowledge of processes like Code Review or Continuous Integration ● Familiarity with Agile and Scrum methodologies ● Experience of working with Git and GitHub ● Understanding of front end technologies ● Efficiency in writing code

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Have a Clear Understanding of Node.js Database Options You as a company must have a solid understanding of Node.js database options that are available in the market. You should thoroughly know about the nature of the project and the database perfect for its requirements. Then only you will be able to make sure that the candidate you are hiring holds enough knowledge of the database and its acute implementations. To know more about Node.js read this blog: nodejs/ Choose The Type Of Hiring Up till now you might have prepared the requirements and the budget. So it is time to decide the type of developers you are going to hire. ● Freelancer ● In-house ● Development Company While freelancers are affordable finding remote Note.Js developers is a tough task. In case you get one you need to stay connected and keep a track of the progress of development. This might be difficult to keep the communication on at all times. Talking about in-house developers you need to set-up an office for them with a considerable amount of accommodation. If you are a start-up or if you yourself are working in a co-working environment it would be difficult for you to arrange a set-up for them. In fact you also have to bear the additional cost of other facilities such as providing them computer systems and so on. Next comes the app development company which can be a great option as you do not have to look after their progress or bear extra cost for their accommodation. All you need to do is convey your project requirements decide a deadline on which both the parties agree and start working on it. Consider the Work Experience One of the most important aspects while choosing Node.js developers is their experience. It is advisable to analyze the past projects the individual or the company has worked upon to get a clear idea of their skills and domain experience. This makes the hiring process easier

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and faster. In case you don’t have access to their projects you can always ask them to shoe their past projects and decide whether they will be a perfect fit for your project or not. Look for Programming Skills or The Technology Stack You must always test the technical skills of the candidate or the company. If you aren’t aware of the technology you can always seek the help of a technical expert. It is always advisable to conduct a technical test to assess the skills of the developer. If you are more interested in hiring a company make sure to check their technology stack on which they are working. See what all technologies do they use while building an application. Also ask them to show real-time examples of the application of the said technology. This is a better way to analyze the technical potential of the development company. Find Out Skills Apart From Technical Domain Whether you’re hiring a company or a freelance developer it’s important to have someone who can go the extra mile to give your application an excellent approach. Therefore apart from looking for technical skills you also need to seek skills that can take your project beyond the box. Additionally they need to possess some extra qualities such as: Problem-solving Skills Problems might appear sooner or later while the development of the project. Solving them effectively and quickly is a skill and a trademark of the good developer. High in Communication Skills Sometimes the developer or the company had to communicate directly with the clients to understand the requirements and needs of the project who might belong to some other location. The Desire to Develop Skills Developers have never-ending journeys. The reason being new technologies are being developed on a daily basis and to master in them developers need to have that learning attitude every time. Proactive Mindset The company or developers you’re hiring must be open to suggestions and feedback. They should come up with ideas and enhancements in a proactive manner.

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Start Your Hiring Process The choice of hiring the Node.js developers in terms of freelancers or a development agency is up to you and your requirements. All you need to do is plan your project find a good approach and hire the best you candidates apt for your requirements. So let’s get started

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