5 Features that Android has Taken from Apple


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Apple is currently locked in a legal battle with Samsung over claims that Samsung's smartphones and tablets infringe on Apple's patents. https://www.ongraph.com/services/android-developer-for-hire/


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5 Features that Android has Taken from Apple As the market is flooded with billions of smartphones users’ demand for more innovative and extra features that are not just useful but also help them to make their lives smarter. Although it is difficult for the manufacturers to give that WOW feature in every handset they still are trying to update their operating system in such a way that gains limelight in the market. Talking about both the amazing operating systems Apple and Android they both use their ideas features and concepts. They pick the best features of each other and introduce in their new devices to upgrade in the growing market. While most people say that Apple copies Google Android’s feature we will be focusing more on the features that Android app development companies have borrowed from Apple. 1.Fast Sharing Feature You might have seen or heard of fast sharing feature in Apple as “Airdrop”. Now Android devices are also working on something similar that can use Bluetooth as well as WiFI capabilities together to send files text snippets and URLs to nearby devices. However there might be minor changes such as Android wouldn’t be confined to your contact list and device.

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2.Battery Saving Features Android has already introduced the battery saver feature in Android Q that saves your phone’s battery life up to a great extent. This feature will work by turning off this mode automatically when your phone is charged up to 90. It is almost similar to Apple’s low power mode when the battery saving option is turned off automatically when the iPhone is charged to up to 80. 3.Native AR Google is already winning the hearts of most people especially when it comes to different AR-based features. Google has brought various opportunities such as AR effects into their messaging and chatting app similar to Apple’s iMessaging app. However Apple is number one if compared to Google as it has introduced AR in th mobile world and has given us the best experience of both the real as well as the virtual world. 4. DND Do Not Disturb DND is an amazingly used feature in Apple. Apple has given us the opportunity to constantly change and modify our DND activities and manage them according to our preferences. Google has also followed Apple’s footsteps and has introduced DND to give freedom and peace of mind to users and during their work or sleep hours. 5.Gesture Controls It was Apple who ditched the home button controls and introduced a gesture control facility to the users. Google has copied te idea as users loved it and want to operate their devices using gesture controls. Wrapping Up If you too are planning to build an app for Android you must take clues from Apple or hire a mobile app development company that could assist you in app development and deliver the best results. Connect With Source Url:- https://www.ongraph.com/services/android-developer-for-hire/

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