A Brief Guide on Developing the Most Trending App like Snapchat


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An application that gives you a smart and flexible way to chat with your friends and family and also allows users to make the most use out of its interesting features and functionalities is mostly preferred by users worldwide. https://www.ongraph.com/services/android-developer-for-hire/


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A Brief Guide on Developing the Most Trending App like Snapchat An application that gives you a smart and flexible way to chat with your friends and family and also allows users to make the most use out of its interesting features and functionalities is mostly preferred by users worldwide. You might have heard about or maybe you too are a frequent user of Snapchat The application has won the hearts of not only the college- going students but also adults and elders. The amazing filters and functionalities have drawn the attention of various age groups in such a short time. In fact the app became so popular that Facebook was ready to pay 4 Billion to own the app. However the app became so viral that it was bagged up with 250 Million investment from Saudi prince and established itself as the most used social media and messaging platform across the world.

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Now the question is how the app became so popular and what technologies and feature-set were used that engaged millions of users in no time It became popular because of its outstanding features such as disappearing messages the introduction of AR to help customize the facial features. Another reason was the willingness of most businesses to develop an app similar to Snapchat. If you too are willing to build an application similar to Snapchat it is important to know about the technology stack features functionalities and the most important element costing of the Best android application development. Let’s take a closer look at what all it takes to develop an application similar to Snapchat. Technical Stack used to Develop Snapchat ● Language: C or Objective C ● FullStack Frameworks for iOS: Swift ● FullStack Frameworks for Android: Kotlin ● Cloud Hosting: Google Compute Engine ● Platform as a Service: Google App Engine ● General Analytics: Google Analytics ● Transactional email: SendGrid Feature List of Snapchat ● Full-screen vertical video ads with attachments ● Snap Ads ● Lenses ● Create manage campaigns ● Filters ● Audio

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● Demographics ● Geofilters ● Ad manager ● 300+ predefined audiences ● Audience match ● Drag and drop customer lists ● Tune performance ● Custom Audiences ● Snap publisher video editing suite ● Multiple ad types ● Objectives ● Build custom audiences ● Set budget ● Schedule and run campaigns ● Measure and optimize campaigns ● Draw geofence ● Campaign dashboard ● Performance tracking ● Campaign results ● Creative library ● Video streaming ● Instant messaging Competitive Marketing Features ● Advertising Management ● Activity Dashboard ● Automated Scheduling ● Campaign Analysis ● Campaign Management ● Budget Control ● Campaign Scheduling ● Content Library ● Demographic Data

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● Campaign Segmentation ● Drag Drop Interface ● Engagement Analytics ● Geotargeting ● Image Editing ● Design Management ● Image Library ● Market Segmentation ● Multimedia Support ● Visual Analytics ● Performance Reports ● Performance Management ● Video Management ● Video Editing The Most Important Features Explained The feature list of Snapchat is endless and therefore we have focused more on the most important feature-set that an app similar to Snapchat must-have. Let us take a look. User Registration One of the distinctive features of Snapchat is that it doesn’t have social media login integration. The idea behind that strategy is to avoid adding the same friend list as FaceBook Twitter and Instagram. So simply to get register and start using Snapchat users need to enter their personal details such as name birthdate and contact number. Once the information is added from users’ end a confirmation code is sent to the registered mobile number to finish the registration process successfully. Contacts Synchronization Nobody wants to use such an app that asks users to add individual contacts. This will consume a lot of users’ time especially when the idea behind the development of such an application is not to frustrate users

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but to entertain and engage users with its unique and advanced features. To eliminate the hassle Snapchat gives you four options out of which users can choose according to their feasibility. ● Import contacts from the phone book ● Search contacts with the help of username ● Share the Snapcode through message email or social media platform ● Add user contacts in the same geographical vicinity Disappearing Messages Disappearing message is the most trending feature of Snapchat. The most interesting part of these messages is the way they work. As soon as the user sends the message to another user as it gets downloaded on a temporary location on the users’ device. Once the message is viewed the message disappears from the Snapchat server. Also the entire chat history gets deleted after 24hrs. Quick and Instant Messaging The costing of an application like Snapchat majorly depends on the instant messaging feature. Almost all the other social media application uses the feature of instant messaging as it is one of the most appreciated features In order to integrate the feature of real-time or instant messaging on your Snalpchat-like application you can make use of XMPP and HTTP + Push Notification technologies. Multimedia Notes and Calls Almost every social media or messaging app has this feature of sending audio and video notes to your family and friends. Similarly Snapchat allows users to record video and audio clips and send to other users. It can be used to create quick voice notes video messages and reaction gifts. Not only notes but users also get the option to voice or video call similar to Whatsapp and Facebook.

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Geofilter Geofilters are the filters that can be used to add specific location-based filters to your photos. These geographical templates can also be customized as per the users’ choices and preferences. To use such innovative features make sure you have hired a dedicated team of the software app developers who knows how to implement geocoding. Lenses Lenses are the collection of augmented reality 3D enhancements used to live the real-world environment using the Snapchat mobile app. It is the major source of entertainment and user engagement. The ability of the application to use various kinds of facial expressions and changes in voice tone is overwhelming. It allows users to send and receive self- destructing photos and videos. Users can apply cute and cartoon-like 3D emojis to the users’ screen. In order to clone the app feature you can use the Mirror Reality SDK a cost-effective alternative of AR. Story You might have used stories if you are an Instagram user. Snapchat also provides an option of posting stories similar to Instagram. Using this feature users can broadcast the content on the app which remains live for 24 hours. Users can also add stories that include live video and photo. Developers can add this feature in their clone app by using Wowza Media Server along with the content delivery network. Stickers Stickers are one of the most important elements of a social media application. They are most frequently used to keep the users engaged and entertained to stay within the app. These stickers can also be customized as per the users’ choices and preferences. There are several stickers extensions available for the operating systems iOS and Android which can be used in your Snapchat clone app.

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Time Required to Build Different Feature-set backend and Frontend: The time involved to develop the Backend and Frontend server application is: User Registration:30 to 40 Contacts Integration: 40 to 50 hours Real-Time Messaging: 50 to 75 hours Disappearing Messages: 60 to 75 hours Stickers: 5 to 10 hours Story: Around 50 to 100 hours Multimedia Notes and Calls: 15 days Cost of Developing an App Similar to Snapchat Now this is the most important section as it tells you about the costing involved in the development of the app similar to Snapchat. If you too are planning to develop an application that has a strong customer base and focus on user engagement you must hire a mobile app development company or a dedicated team of professionals who are not only experienced but also have knowledge about various technologies required to build an app like Snapchat. The cost of development highly depends on the number of factors such as features design functionalities type of app cross-platform native whether you’re hiring freelancers or a dedicated company for the development and so on. Despite of all if you’re choosing the features and tech stack described in this blog the rough estimation of the cost of app development would be around 20000 to 25000. Summing Up Now that you know about the feature-set functionalities tech-stack used time and cost of development you can start building a clone app

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like Snapchat. However make sure that you hire a team of professionals who have good command and knowledge of the practicalities security concerns and engagement levels of users. Connect With Source Url:- https://www.ongraph.com/services/android-developer- for-hire/

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