3 Useful Types Of Mobility Aids For Elderly & Differently-Abled People

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Walking sticks are used by those who are suffering from a chronic condition and for needing additional support. Those who have less upper body strength and poor balance. Crutches are used by those whose lower body is permanently disabled.


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TYPES OF MOBILITY AIDS AND THEIR BENEFITS Any device or equipment that is designed to help those who have problems with mobility move around is known as a mobility aid. Such aids may be used by the elderly who have joint pain or trouble maintaining balance. Those who are blind or are suffering from a debilitating injury may also require aids to assist them. Some aids are designed to help people walk around, while others like a wheel chair are meant to help people who cannot use their legs to get from one place to another. Mentioned below are few kinds of mobility aids and the benefits of using such equipment. http://www.kebocare.se/


WALKING STICK A walking stick or cane can be very useful for people who have a chronic condition and need a little bit of support to increase comfort and convenience. There are different types of walking canes. The single point cane is perhaps the simplest and oldest walking aid design. A quad cane is an evolution of the single point cane and provides greater stability.


WALKERS Walkers are walking aids that provide the most amount of support but are also quite cumbersome. This type of walking aid is ideal for people who have low upper body strength and poor balance. Modern walkers have several features that make them very convenient to use.


CRUTCHES Crutches are generally used when weight needs to be completely removed off the limb. It takes practice to get used to moving around on crutches. The use of crutches requires a significant amount of upper body strength and balance. This is why they are not a suitable walking aids for elderly patients. They are a good choice in case of a leg fracture, if the patient has sufficient upper body strength. http://www.kebocare.se/produkt-kategori/rehabilitering/

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