Professional Window Cleaning Services


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Rain or Shine is the best decision for the perfect High-Rise window cleaning Service. We make sure our Eaves through Cleaning service


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Professional Window Cleaning Services:

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning:

Commercial Window Cleaning Rain or Shine window cleaning LTD has a vast majority of various services within corporate, governmental, plazas, condo complex and thus forth. Some of the services include : Low Rise commercial and office building windows High Rise/Low Rise residency and condo complex High Rise/Low Rise schools or offices

Residential Window Cleaning:

Residential Window Cleaning Rain or Shine not only helps to ensure that the public shines but also our prize possessions, our homes . Why choose us for the job ? You want to be able to trust that your home is in good hands with the right people. With our team these young hard working professional are for the job. With the highest level of customer appreciation and insured liability, we will make sure that Rain or Shine is the company to call. Our goal is to not only make your home shine but keep completely satisfied. Some our services offer: 4- side window washing (interior, exterior, double window) Glass balconies/Terrace Glass High Rise and Low Rise Piazzas Mirror Washing

Industrial Window Cleaning:

Industrial Window Cleaning Home Builders and house cleaner contractors have huge quantity of work with our company you can trust us to handle your work with precision, speed and perfection. With our employees, they have great experience where they can handle large quantities of work. You can trust Rain or Shine to take any contract work to the challenge.

Aluminum/Soffit Facia Cleaning:

Aluminum /Soffit Facia Cleaning Choosing Rain or Shine makes it easier to remove gutter from your aluminum soffit and fascia. Without proper extensive clean and ventilation it can cause mass dampness which lead to rotting in loft spaces and within any within many high or low properties.

Eavesthrough Cleaning:

Eavesthrough Cleaning Cleaning out your Eaves is strongly recommended to be cleaned for beautiful maintenance and to add more value to your home. Cleaning out your eaves helps to avoid many future complications along the way. Eaves throughout seasons become heavy with leaves and debris. Hazardous weather’s that lead to hail or thunderstorms, or even snow, can result to soffit and fascia rot, internal damp and the immense growth of mold , leading to over flown leaks damaging walls within the property. When you choose Rain or Shine for the job we ensure that your homes are safe and secured with best quality of our services.

Handyman Services:

Handyman Services Our company offers certified handyman who maintain vast experience in the field and out currently under contract through the Ontario government housing.


Landscaping Having a beautiful landscape is everyone’s dream. With the hard work of our employees, you can receive the job done to perfection, and accuracy. Whether its taking care of structures, glass exteriors, and water features, Rain or Shine is the company to call, to maintain the landscape to its fullest aptness.


Caulking We offer extensive caulking services for all parts of your buildings. Call us today to make an appointment.

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