How To Fix When Acer Laptop Connot Connect To Wifi

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Learn how to fix when Acer laptop cannot connect to Wi-Fi for any technical support call Acer technical support number +353-768887727. For more info visit our website here


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How to fix when Acer laptop cannot connect to Wi-Fi?:

How to fix when Acer laptop cannot connect to Wi-Fi?

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If you have Acer laptop and you find your laptop in making a connection with a Wi-Fi network, no worries, follow these given steps or you can take help from Acer support team if you stuck somewhere in following these steps.

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Steps to follow: Process: 1 Fix Acer laptop wireless connection

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Process: 2 Update the Acer laptop wireless adapter

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Process: 3 Try to un-install Acer wireless adapter software First, you need to navigate to “Device Manager” and there select “Network Adapter”, now uninstall it and restart and see it works. In case, this doesn’t work for you, no worries, you need to identify your laptop model number, and then click on Windows key, now type msinfo32 and next you have to select “System Information ”. Now you’ll be able to see your laptop’s model number, then uninstall the wireless adapter and download its latest version using this model number . You can also make use of any other laptop to download this software from Acer website . You can save this on a USB drive and plug this drive to your laptop and run this application. Once you install it successfully then restart your computer and check if the problem is fixed now . In case, these steps don’t work for you then you an take help from  Acer customer service Ireland  for instant help call our helpline number  +353-768887727 

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