What are the steps to Overhaul an Acer Aspire 3000 Laptop

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What are the steps to Overhaul an Acer Aspire 3000 Laptop?:

What are the steps to Overhaul an Acer Aspire 3000 Laptop?

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Acer is a well-known name in the computer industry. A line of personal computers and laptops from this manufacturer is loved a lot by their users and it is known as Aspire. Acer Aspire is quite handy for personal and professional use, under this range they try to fulfil all your needs. In last few years, laptops have grown more common than PC both at an office desk and at home. With their advanced technology that they use in all of their laptops, there is no doubt they become so popular. Acer tries to provide a machine fitted with all the latest tech under affordable price tag and Acer Aspire 300 is a perfect example of it. That shows how much they care about their customers and that's not it with Acer Support service they provide complete care to their customers.

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Sure they use the latest tech in their systems but still, there might be a chance when you need to upgrade your system by increasing its RAM or hard-drive, may be want to clean the fan, etc. TO do so you have to overhaul your Acer Aspire 3000. You can either call their support service to do so or you can do it on your own simply by following below-mentioned steps.

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Start with placing your laptop upside down over a soft cloth like a towel.

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After that, you can see a bunch of compartments all are secured with the help of screws. Use Philips-star Screwdriver to take out screws one by one.

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Start by removing two screws on the small panel at the right bottom, under this, you'll find your hard-drive.

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If you want to replace your hard-drive simply remove all screws from the right side of your hard-drive and after removing them gently slide out our hard-drive.

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In order to reach your laptop's RAM, unscrew all screws placed on same panel to the left where hard disk is placed.

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Simply lift your RAM to 45 degrees and pull while pressing two white plastic clips.

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In order you don't want to do it on your own then simply call  A cer customer service number I reland +353-16533070 Original Source

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