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Rosner & Tucker, P.C. Personal Injury Attorney Vineland, New Jersey helping the injured get full and fair compensation for the harm they have suffered. Get in touch today to receive a free case evaluation. Call at 856-692-6500


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Personal Injury Lawyers in New Jersey

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PERSONAL INJURY When you have been hurt in a car accident slip and fall case work-related incident or any other type of accident Contact Rosner Tucker P.C. our goal is to take the uncertainty and mystery out of the personal injury process in New Jersey.

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YOUR NEW JERSEY PERSONAL INJURYCASE:WHATTOEXPECT Settlement Negotiations The Discovery Process Beginning the Lawsuit

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BEGINNING THE LAWSUIT  Most cases begin with the plaintiff filing the lawsuit however some cases may start with the p l a int i ff ’ s lawyer sending a letter to the defendant or the de fe ndant’s lawyer.  Rosner Tucker P.C New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers will fully explain what the defendant is claiming and why.

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THE DISCOVERY PROCESS  The discovery process is a critical step in any case as it helps each side strengthen their position as well as eliminate any potential weak areas in their case.  Once the case is in full swing both sides have a right to ask each other questions and to request documents from the other side and third parties that support their positions. They do this through a process called “d isc over y” which largely takes place outside the courtroom.  During the discovery process the plaintiff and the defendant may be required to answer questions during a “de po sitio n” which is similar to testifying in court.

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SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATIONS  Settlement negotiations can take place at any point between the start of the lawsuit and trial and it may take several rounds of settlement talks and communication between the two sides to reach an agreement.  If the parties agree to settle the case they waive their right to pursue any further claims against each other related to the accident.

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THE TRIAL  In some cases settlement just isn’t possible. At Rosner Tucker P.C. we are always prepared to take a case all the way to trial if necessary.  We never pressure our clients to settle their claims. We will analyze your case to determine the pros and cons of proceeding to the trial stage.  If trial is appropriate in your case we will pursue your rights aggressively in court.

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WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT US Dan Rosner and his staff were very professional and personable and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Free Consultation with Vineland NJ Lawyers 856-521-5389

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CONTACT ROSNER TUCKER P.C. Address Phone Website 311 West Landis Avenue Vineland NJ 08360 856-692-6500

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