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Woodcraft presents a wonderful range of handcrafted, hand painted and hand-lettered inspirational quotes you will love to display in your home. From the spiritual “As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord” biblical quote to the quirky “Aint’ nobody got time for that” sign and statements of style such as “life is better in flip flops” you have a wide range of choices. The common size for the signs is around 40 Centimeters x 40 Centimeters. The material is hand picked and hand-finished wooden board, nailed, cut and sanded before being hand-painted with a pleasing, muted background color. Our artist then hand-letters the statements and quotes such as this one from Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” using fonts and colors that create a pleasing aesthetic visual. Buy this for yourself or buy this as a gift for someone you love. Woodcraft will customize size, fonts and messages, even if you require a gold foil cut and pasted message on art card stock! Gift it on any occasion, on Valentine’s Day or to mark an anniversary—Our hand-painted and hand-lettered signs are labors of love and works of art the recipient will cherish for a lifetime. https://wordsignsdecor.com/collections/wood-signs


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WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints Hand Painted Word Signs, Wooden Pallet Signs, Wedding Favors , Typography art and much more

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Biblical Verse “As For Me & My House We Will Serve The Lord” The empowering verse “As For Me & My House We Will Serve The Lord” From Joshua 24:15 has a rustic charm and simplicity. Executed on recycled pine boards nailed together and chalk painted, the verse stands out with the use of stylish fonts in spiritual blue color against the white background. A fine coating of wax preserves the board. Each board is hand painted and is a collectible with lasting spiritual value. It will always serve to remind you of the omnipresence of The Lord and infuse your being with righteousness. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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Quirky, Zany “ Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Sign It is time for a little bit of zany, quirky humor amplified in this “ Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Sign. This is a custom piece created with loving care using birch wood planks nailed together. The background is all white paint and on this you have a sassy black hand painted script boldly proclaiming “ Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”. The words are open to interpretation and could mean a lot of different things in different circumstances. However, what you will love is the execution of the design that, with its simplicity and elegance, stands out as an eye-catching work of art. It makes a perfect gift. Byron Ravnell WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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Life is Better in Flip Flops Make a definitive statement with this cutesy “Life Is Better In Flip Flops”. You won’t know until you throw off those constricting boots or high heels and relax in flip flops. When you do, hang up this sign with a blue background and white bold lettering proclaiming your state of mind. The sign measures 45.5x30.5 centimeters and is made on 8 mm thick board, hand painted with a sky blue background, white on the backing and white for the all caps lettering that says it out loud and bold. It has a wire at the back to let you hang it easily on the wall. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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Coco Chanel: “A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy & Fabulous” Sign Coco Chanel’s “A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy & Fabulous” quote has become a timeless modern classic, an inspiration for women of all ages. Display Coco’s famous quote painted on this 8 mm thick wooden board measuring 40.5 x 40.5 cm. The background is off white eco-friendly chalk paint and lets the graphite grey hand lettered cursive fonts stand out stylishly on the square sign you can display with pride. The sign becomes your own style statement. Or gift it to someone who, you think, deserves it. She will surely treasure it. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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“Home Is Where the Dog Hair Sticks To Everything But…The Dog” This tongue-in-cheek humorous sign is definitely for dog lovers who know what it is like to have dogs. The sign is hand painted on a wooden board using eco-friendly paint. Even the board is hand crafted with care, sanded and painted to a smooth creamy surface. The sign lettering is hand painted with fonts that exemplify the humor in the statement. The sign is hand-crafted from start to finish and each one is unique and can be customized as to choice of colors to suit your taste. Give it as a gift to a dog lover and you have a friend for life. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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Don’t Worry Be Happy For those moments when the sky is overcast and the world looks grey, look at this “Don’t Worry Be Happy” sign and remember all the reasons you have to be happy for and you will surely cheer up. This simply elegant sign is executed on 250 gsm pure white card stock with gold foil lettering hand cut out of gold foil and meticulously stuck in place. It is not machine stamped! The sign measures 8 x 11 inches and it can be framed and hung on the wall to serve as a source of inspiration. You can just as well gift it to a friend. The sign is entirely hand made and can be customized in the choice of font and background to suit your taste. It makes a perfect gift. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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“Love” Wooden Art Sign If you become tongue-tied when it comes to expressing your love in many different ways this sign is the one you should pick to gift to someone close to your heart. It says everything you wanted to but could not. The artsy lettering is executed with loving care using dainty brush strokes on a neutral grey background. Look at it from close and you distinguish the words. View it from a distance and the arrangement of words forms a heart. Love has timeless appeal and rendered beautifully here, the many different ways to say it will surely warm the heart. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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I Love You To The Moon And Back For endless and limitless love the words “I Love You To The Moon and Back” might seem a little constrained but they say a lot in an endearing and charming way. The sign is painted on a 40 x 40 cm board with the background in neutral grey eco-friendly paint. On this you have hand-lettered statement of emotion in an all square design conceived to achieve maximum impact. Except for the Moon, which is in gold, the other hand-painted lettering is in neutral white. Crafted for a vintage look, this timeless statement of intent will surely endear you to someone you love. WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints

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WORD SIGNS DECOR Hand-painted custom quote signs & prints https:// wordsignsdecor.com Hand Painted Word Signs

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