Instagram Feeds and Slideshows Makers for Events by Hashslider

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Are you looking for Instagram Feeds and Slideshows Makers in reasonable price? If so, turn to Hashslider for top quality service at an affordable rate. For more info, please visit at


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No matter what kind of event you do, it will fit perfectly in weddings, concerts, conferences, congresses, birthdays or any event you can imagine.

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Hashslider it's free and easy to use. Set your slideshow in a few steps and start enjoying!

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At this point you have two options : Work with one screen: If you don't need to moderate pictures you can work with one screen, in this case just click the Full Screen button to set the slideshow in full screen mode. Work with two screens: If you want to moderate pictures you need to extend your desktop. If you need information about how to extend your desktop you can check the following links: Windows:  Extend desktop Windows Mac OS:  Extend desktop Mac OS Drag and drop the slideshow browser tab to your bigger screen. Click the Full Screen button.

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