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Know about top 5 Travel Destinations of Ecotourism.


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Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia Ltd. Amazing Ecotourism Hotspots


Ecotourism Ecotourism is the current trend, going on in the tourism industry. With every city or region covered up with buildings, People now wish to move out of the concrete jungle into the open arms of nature.

Amazing Ecotourism Hotspots :

Amazing Ecotourism Hotspots There are many places that still have their natural habitat maintained. People are now in search of many such places where they can spend their time amidst nature.

Top 5 Examples Of Ecotourism:

Top 5 Examples Of Ecotourism The Fjords of Norway The Blue Mountains in Australia Botswana in Africa The Galapagos Islands Costa Rica

The Fjords of Norway :

The Fjords of Norway The Fjord of Norway is formed due to glacial erosion , This is one of the best popular holiday destinations for activities such as biking, hiking and boating.

The Blue Mountains in Australia :

The Blue Mountains in Australia The Blue mountain region is in Australia. The region is called the Blue Mountains because of the bluish cast that is seen over it because of the blue gum eucalyptus tree that is found here.

Botswana in Africa :

Botswana in Africa Botswana is also known to be the “Jewel of Africa”. The place has a number of savannas, rivers and lakes that are found teeming with wild life.

The Galapagos Islands:

The Galapagos Islands Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is so exciting and mysterious travel destination. The place is known for the its natural beauty. The islands is full of to many rare species of plants and animals. It is the best place to enjoy Scuba diving.

Costa Rica :

Costa Rica Costa Rica, located in Central America is a home to many Volcanoes, beaches, white water rivers, savannas and rain forests. Here you can enjoy many activities like are trekking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, surfing and many more.

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