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Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet (ECCFS):

Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet (ECCFS) A Technological Innovation in the ICU Presented by Rose Emelienne C. Go, BSN, RN Clinical Nurse I Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit


Introduction UIHHSS is one of the most wired hospital in the entire country. ( Merrill,M . 2011) Keeping the organization in the forefront of high technological era in the healthcare industry. A part of the innovative project of UIC - S.A.D.I . (Pen Journal, 2012) UIC partnered with CERNER Corporation.

What is S.A.D.I. ? (PEN Journal, 2011):

What is S.A.D.I . ? (PEN Journal, 2011) Surginet – O.R. computerized charting Anesthesia - electronic documentation Device Integration - BMD I ICU Automation – changing nursing bedside flowsheet to electronic documentation .

What is an Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet (ECCFS)?:

What is an Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet (ECCFS)? P aper c ritical care flowsheet – converted to - electronic flowsheet

Critical Care Flowsheet:

Critical Care Flowsheet It is primarily used in the ICU. A document that includes a specific patient information charted within a time frame. Provides details of a patient’s condition such as Vital Signs and assessments. Also includes Medication-e.g. Iv drips; I and O; Ventilator settings, and other pertinent data.

Types of electronic flowsheet software/system: :

Types of electronic flowsheet software/system: Epic 1 Essentris 2 Picis Solutions 3 OpenVista 4 INet - Cerner designed INet® to deliver flexible views, which combine with iView’s flowsheet -style documentation to allow you to document, view, trend and filter data—all in a single location. 5

Components of ECCFS:

Components of ECCFS First – Device Integration Cardiac Monitor IV pumps Mechanical Ventilator Associated and Integrated

Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet:

Electronic Critical Care Flowsheet It does n o t end here . . .

Components of ECCFS cont’d…:

Components of ECCFS cont’d… Second & Final : Nurse’s intervention -Nurses are the end user in the ECCFS -Data from the devices should be reviewed and either be : - accepted or verified - modified, edited or deleted(uncharted)

Advantages of ECCFS:

Advantages of ECCFS Legibility - handwriting problem? leads to transcription - medical errors. Accuracy & Real- time Documentation – accurate I&O, V/s charted on the real time - increase compliance with guidelines , standards & protocols – Regulatory bodies . Accessibility – can be retrieve from multiple computers – improve clinicians efficiency, improve communication between clinicians and ultimately improve patient’s safety. Cost effective – Going Green! Environmental friendly.

Who benefits from ECCFS?:

Who benefits from ECCFS? Patients – increase quality of care, improve pt’s safety 2 NURSES – when time is scarce, easy data collection , time saving- increase workflow. Physicians – accessibility – i mmediate action- increase efficiency other members of the healthcare team e.g. Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech, Radiology - accessibility Institution – cost saving


Conclusion After the presentation understand the reason and benefits of ECCFS show more understanding and enthusiasm in participating in the training and transition phase of SADI ECCFS is a technological innovation in the ICU for the betterment of the patients, Physicians, and other members of the healthcare team, the institution… and most specially the NURSES –who are the end users.


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