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“Over The River” Project By Christo and Jeanne-Claude Art 110-601, Orientation In Art:

“Over The River” Project By Christo and Jeanne-Claude Art 110-601, Orientation In Art The purpose of their art, they contend, is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.

“Over the River”:

“Over the River” The “Over the River” project by Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude involves the installation of anchored fabric over the Arkansas River in southern Colorado. “Over the River,” will include eight suspended panel segments totaling 5.9 miles along a 42-mile stretch of the river, about three hours southwest of Denver. Construction could begin next year, pending final local approvals, with the goal being a two-week display of the work as early as August 2014.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Federal officials said that “Over the River” could generate $121 million in economic output and draw 400,000 visitors, both during the construction — which could become its own tourist event — and the display itself.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude:

Christo & Jeanne-Claude Christo and Jeanne-Claude were born on the same date. They first met in Paris in October 1958. Their works were credited to just " Christo " until 1994 when the outdoor works and large indoor installations were retroactively credited to " Christo and Jeanne-Claude". They flew in separate planes: in case one crashed, the other could continue their work . In 1961, Christo and Jeanne-Claude covered barrels at the port of Cologne, their first collaboration. In 1962, the couple tackled their first monumental project, Rideau de Fer (Iron Curtain). In February 1964, Christo and Jeanne-Claude arrived in New York City. After a brief return to Europe, they settled in the United States in September of that year. Although poor and lacking fluency in the English language, Christo displayed his work in several galleries, including the well-known Castelli Gallery in New York and Gallery Schmela in Düsseldorf, Germany, Christo began to create Store Fronts which he built to scale. Sale of the Store Fronts helped finance larger projects .

Artist Career:

Artist Career Christo , since the beginning of his own artistic career in the early 60′s, has always surprised and mesmerized the world with his wrapped objects and monuments, and the performances realised with fabric. In a 40 years artistic career Christo and Jeanne Claude have realised 18 big size artworks. Their work is crossing over several artistic fields: spanning from architecture to urban planning, sculpture, ecology and environmental sustainability. Christo and Jeanne Claude with their ability create an artistic event, a performance centred on their “work”, with an extension in space and with a duration in time which is much longer than the mere monumental packaging in itself: a unique experience that can last in the spectators’ memory and soul long afterwards.

Artworks From Christo and Jeanne-Claude!:

Artworks From Christo and Jeanne-Claude! Dockside Packages The Iron Curtain 42,390 Cubic Feet Package Wrapped Fountain and Tower Wrapped Kunsthalle Bern 5,600 Cubicmeter Package MCA Chicago Wrapped Wrapped Coast Wrapped Roman Wall Wrapped Monuments Wrapped Floor and Stairs Valley Curtain Wrapped Roman Wall Ocean Front Running Fence Wrapped Walk Ways Surrounded Islands The Pont Neuf Wrapped The Umbrellas Wrapped Reichstag Wrapped Trees The Wall - 13,000 Oil Barrels The Gates Early Works Surfaces d'Empaquetage Cratères Wrapped Cans and Bottles Packages + Wrapped Objects Oil Barrels Structures Show Cases + Store Fronts

Surrounding Islands:

Surrounding Islands On May 7, 1983, the installation of Surrounded Islands was completed in Biscayne Bay, between the city of Miami, North Miami, the Village of Miami Shores and Miami Beach. Eleven of the islands situated in the area of Bakers Haulover Cut, Broad Causeway, 79th Street Causeway, Julia Tuttle Causeway, and Venetian Causeway were surrounded with 6.5 million square feet of floating pink woven polypropylene fabric covering the surface of the water and extending out 200 feet from each island into the bay. The fabric was sewn into 79 patterns to follow the contours of the 11 islands. For two weeks, Surrounded Islands , spreading over 7 miles, was seen, approached and enjoyed by the public, from the causeways, the land, the water and the air. The luminous pink color of the shiny fabric was in harmony with the tropical vegetation of the uninhabited verdant islands, the light of the Miami sky and the colors of the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay.

Valley Curtains:

Valley Curtains On August 10, 1972, in Rifle, Colorado, between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs in the Grand Hogback Mountain Range, at 11 am a group of 35 construction workers and 64 temporary helpers, art-school and college students, and itinerant art workers tied down the last of 27 ropes that secured the 200,200 square feet of woven nylon fabric orange curtain to its moorings at Rifle Gap, 7 miles north of Rifle, on Highway 325. The Valley Curtain project took 28 months to complete

The Umbrellas, Japan:

The Umbrellas, Japan At sunrise, on October 9, 1991, Christo and Jeanne-Claude's 1,880 workers began to open the 3,100 umbrellas in Ibaraki and California, in the presence of the artists at both sites. This Japan-USA temporary work of art reflected the similarities and differences in the ways of life and the use of the land in two inland valleys, one 12 miles (19 kilometers) long in Japan, and the other 18 miles (29 kilometers) long in the USA . The Umbrellas , free standing dynamic modules, reflected the availability of the land in each valley, creating an invitational inner space, as houses without walls, or temporary settlements and related to the ephemeral character of the work of art.

Wrapped Coast:

Wrapped Coast Little Bay, property of Prince Henry Hospital, is located 9 miles, southeast of the center of Sydney. The cliff-lined South Pacific Ocean shore area that was wrapped is approximately 1.5 miles long, 150 to 800 feet wide, 85 feet high at the northern cliffs and was at sea level at the southern sandy beach. One million square feet of erosion-control fabric were used for the wrapping. 35 miles of polypropylene rope, 0.6 inches in diameter, tied the fabric to the rocks. Ramset guns fired 25,000 charges of fasteners, threaded studs and clips to secure the rope to the rocks.

What I Think About All of This:

What I Think About All of This Something we need to understand about the river project is it could very well disturb the wildlife and create a traffic nightmare. But it could as so go very well allowing many people to view such a great piece of art. This project could also make a lot of money with so many people viewing it from all over the world. I think Christo and Jeanne-Claude are two very talented environmental artist. I love their work and how much they include themselves in all of their projects and works of art. The reason I choose to share some of their other works is because I find them amazing. My favorite is the wrapped coast. Image how much fabric was used and how much time it took to accomplish. Even though there are some dangers that could arise during the “Over The River” project I agree with the project. The project is a wonderful idea because it hasn’t been done ever before. I have not seen fabric used is such a way to create works of art .


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