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The UK:

The UK Natalia Alcina 2,Marta Comas 8,Cristina Millan 20,Maria Marta Pieras 23,Bernat Ramis 24


Index 3. Map of the Great Britain. 4. Map of the United Kingdom 5. Map of the Union Jack 6. Flag. 13. Royal Family. 7. Food and Drinks. 14. Holidays. 8. Shopping. 9. Famous people. 10. Money. 11. Education. 12. Anthem.

Map :

Map GREAT BRITAIN: The British territory is divided into three historic nations: England, Wales and Scotland.

Map :

Map UNITED KINGDOM The UK is made up of: -Wales -Scotland -England -Northern Ireland

Map :

Map UNION JACK: The Union Jack is made up of: -Scotland -England -Northern Ireland


Flag The history, current status and nomenclature of the Union Flag, and its use other than as a flag for the United Kingdom.

Food and Drinks:

Food and Drinks Britain is a tea-drinking nation. Most Brits drink their tea. Coffee is now as popular in Britain as tea .


Shopping The main shopping street in many towns is called the High Street, where you want to go shopping. In England there is a very famous mall called harrots.

Famous people:

Famous people In the UK there are many famous English, his specialty is singing some other dance. One direction & Edie Campbell.


Money The currency of England and throughout the United Kingdom is the Pound Sterling. So is the crown dependencies


Education Education in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter, the countries the United Kingdom have separate system under separate governments.


Anthem England does not have official national anthem, In most of the national sporting fixtures 'God Save the Queen' is used.

Royal Family:

Royal Family The royal family is shared the commonwealth realms this article focuses on the perspective of united Kingdom.


Holidays Public holidays in the United Kingdom are the observed in some or all of the countries of the United Kingdom.


Language In Britain , the main language is English . It is not the same as American or Australian English .

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