Christmas in Italy

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Christmas in Italy:

Christmas in Italy


Traditions Its tradition is decorate the crib and to have a special dinner.

Christmas Day:

Christmas Day In Christmas Day boys and girls open its pressents. In Italy Christmas Day it's very cold and is often Snows.

Christmas meal:

Christmas meal The family often gather for dinner on Christmas Eve. Dinner is usually made with fish. Christmas Day meal is often based on pig, but in some tables served roast chicken


Desserts Most typical desserts are fruit tarts with candied fruit Milan, il Pandoro and panettone. The drinks are wine vin brule and Lombardino.

Italian crib:

Italian crib How to decorate the crib in Italy is shaped like decorate the crib in Spain puts the Virgin Mary, Jesus and san Jose. We also are very traditional living nativity scenes.

The bendition of Christmas:

The bendition of Christmas Christmas day Italians flock to the Vatican square to receive the Papa . This Catholic ceremony is retransmitted by many Catholic countries

Christmas tree:

Christmas tree

Father Christmas:

Father Christmas







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