Christmas in France

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Christmas in France:

Christmas in France Miguel Luis Cerdá Palmer Marc Castro Corró Mercedes Zurera Alvarez Paula Maria Ramis de Ayreflor Llobera Paula Gallego Amengual

Map and Flag:

Map and Flag This is the flag of France and his map. Its capital is Paris


Costumes Starting December 24, the most important being Christmas Eve and Christmas. At night they go to Mass is also customary to put the crib


Decorations In the decoration of the houses is that they get many white candles and holly sprigs

Typical Food:

Typical Food Typical food foie gras, boudin blanc, roast turkey and Christmas tree.


Drinks Typical drinks are wine and champagne.


Weather In Christmas the weather is cold and snowing


Gifts The Santa Claus brings gifts children while they sleep France as in Spain

Traditional music:

Traditional music One of the traditional French songs is “Noël Blanc” Oh, quand j'entends chanter Noël J'aime revoir mes joies d'enfant Le sapin scintillant, la neige d'argent Noël, mon beau reve blanc. Oh, quand j'entends sonner au ciel L'heure ou le bon vieillard descend Je revois tes yeux clairs, Maman Et je songe d'autres Noëls blancs

Merry christmas in France:

Merry christmas in France Joyeux Noël et Bonne Annéel

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