Christmas in the UK

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Christmas in the UK:

Christmas in the UK Cecilia Ilbert_Marta Comas_Marta Pieras_Natalia Alcina


WHERE IS THE UK? The UK is on the continent of Europe , in the northwest .

Reason for celebration:

Reason for celebration The word Christmas means Christ Mass which is the celebration of Christ. Although don’t know the exact date of His birth, this date is set aside to honor His birth. It is said that the date of December the 25th was actually a pagan holiday for which Christians substituted with Christmas. True Christians do not insist that non-believers observe or participate in this celebration .

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The Day of Christmas Eve Santa comes to bring Gifts for children and the next morning the children open the Christmas gifts .

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DECORATIONS The day of Christmas the people decorate their houses .

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Christmas Day They have turkey , crackers, xmas lunch, games ,family Gathening and listen to the Queen´s Speech.

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Traditionally Santa Claus was getting all gifts, boxes, bags and transported them worldwide

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THE WEATHER AT CHRISTMAS Christmas in England is snowy and cold to leave home everybody must take : a coat, a hat, boots and gloves especially to play in the snow.

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THE CHRISTMAS CAROLS Children sing Christmas carols The Christmas carols The children sing Christmas carols and go to their neighbours to sing as well.

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