Christmas in Italy

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Christmas in Italy:

Christmas in Italy For italians , Christmas is a holyday that you have to go in company of family, tasting the dishes of “ cenone ” and opening gifts “ Babbo Natale ” Merry Christmas in Italian and is said " Buon Natale "

Special food:

Special food On December 24, when families gather to enjoy the famous "Christmas cenone ” The " cenone " Italian has its rules, the first of which is to eat only fish. Remember that the menus are not the same in all Italian regions. On the 25th you can eat meat. The main course is definitely the baked pasta, a timbale of pasta with tomato sauce, meat, diced mozzarella and rosbiz


Music The carols in Italy are popular songs sung at this Christmas season. Surely you've heard and sometimes sung.


Decorations According to tradition, the Christmas tree appears in Italian households from December 8, the day of the celebration of the Immaculate, when families begin to prepare both the tree and the manger.

The weather in Christmas:

The weather in Christmas Time you usually do during Christmas in Italy are quite cloudy days, sunny days are rainy days. And usually do quite cold.


Gifts Children look to the " Befana ", an old woman flying on a broom and goes down chimneys to leave sweets and gifts for everyone. All but those who have been good, for them the " Befana " will only coal (sweet, of course).

Things people do on Christmas day and the previous :

Things people do on Christmas day and the previous Both the 24 and the 25 and the following days, no shortage of Christmas sweets.In Italy it is not Christmas if there is sweet! The most famous worldwide is the panettone (Christmas cake), traditional version of which was born in the city of Milan.

Reason for celebration:

Reason for celebration The reason of which Christmas is celebrated in Italy is the birth of the child Jesus.

Merry Christmas in Italy:

Merry Christmas in Italy Merry Christmas in Italian and is said " Buon Natale "


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