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Learn more about Common Ground's high school Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica


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2014 High School Spanish Immersion – Costa Rica:

2014 High School Spanish Immersion – Costa Rica

About Common Ground International:

About Common Ground International Rory & Leslie Foster founded Common Ground International in 2001. They are trained Spanish teachers and have lead immersion trips to Costa Rica for professionals for 10 + years. They have also developed a Spanish study App . Rory and Leslie enjoy raising their 3 children bilingually and traveling with them to Costa Rica in the summers.

What does immersion mean to you? :

What does immersion mean to you?

Key factors to consider in a quality immersion experience.:

Key factors to consider in a quality immersion experience. Safety The atmosphere of the town / city Quality language school / instruction Safe, clean, hospitable host family Meaningful volunteer work Adventure

Why Costa Rica?:

Why Costa Rica? Safe & Hospitable to N. American Tourists Approx. 1.5 million tourists annually ~ U.S. Department of State Small physical area (20k square miles ~ VT & NH combined) yet extremely varied terrain, ecosystems, and climate Longstanding relationships with communities and organizations where we live, study, work, and travel

PowerPoint Presentation:

Language School and Host Families Service-learning work Where are we based?

San Isidro de Heredia:

San Isidro de Heredia Costa Rica Spanish Immersion Summer 13 7 Language School

San Isidro at a glance:

San Isidro at a glance

Who are the host families?:

Who are the host families? They all live in San Isidro de Heredia (within 15 minute walk to school) Ages range from young parents to grandparents Mostly middle-class working families

How do we select the families?:

How do we select the families? General likeability & pleasantness: Known families in town & they’re good people Adequate Accommodations: Must have a private room for student Home safety: no criminal history, unsafe animals, etc Proximity to language school: within a 15-20 minute walk to school How are you matched with a host family ? One participant per family No similar age opposite sex matches Students with special situations/needs are handled individually As much as practical by p references for animals, children, etc.

ELEC: 600m norte de la iglesia:

ELEC: 600m norte de la iglesia

Daily Spanish classes:

Daily Spanish classes Upon arrival to Costa Rica, we give a brief oral and written placement test to evaluate each students’ level Classes meet Mon – Fri All instructors are native Spanish speakers Focus of class is oral communication 2-week students attend approximately 20hrs of class 4-week students attend approximately 48 hrs of class

Sustainable Service Projects:

Sustainable Service Projects Objective: participate in meaningful, sustainable and language rich service learning projects. Work with local organizations that have identified real needs within the target community. Participate in projects that are sustainable – part of a larger project that is ongoing throughout year even when we’re not present. Service learning work needs to be “ language rich ” – which means that you have to be using Spanish to complete the community service tasks.

Science Enrichment:

Science Enrichment Study habits

Stay in School Skits:

Stay in School Skits The Arts

Weekend Adventures:

Weekend Adventures

Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio Snorkeling, Boogie Boarding, Surfing, National Park Hike, Kayaking, etc.

PowerPoint Presentation:

La Fortuna Volcán Arenal

PowerPoint Presentation:

Zipline Canopy Tour

PowerPoint Presentation:

Catarata La Fortuna

Baldí Hot Springs:

Bald í Hot Springs

4 – Week Program Additional Activities:

4 – Week Program Additional Activities More Language School & smaller group Community Service work Work at La Iguana Chocolate farm Professional Interviews Café Britt Coffee tour

La Iguana Chocolate Cocoa Farm:

La Iguana Chocolate Cocoa Farm

Professional Interviews:

Professional Interviews Identify a profession you’re interested in and… Develop interview questions that focus on the profession in Costa Rica (education required, job functions, average salary, etc) Interview the local professional that we set you up with (in Spanish of course) Report back to the group (in Spanish) anything interesting or curious about your interviews

PowerPoint Presentation:

“I don't think I thanked you enough for everything you and Rory and Kerri did for us during our trip. I really have a new perspective on my own life at home now that I have seen such a different culture. During our awesome trip, I remember you telling us that we would continue to improve on our Spanish for months after, and I didn't really believe you, but you were totally right! I retook my Spanish SAT II and scored 110 points higher than in the spring. The most frustrating thing about my Spanish class now is that I'm not challenged enough, and I miss speaking to native speakers.” -A. Higgins

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Thank you Common Ground! At school I feel like I’m just dipping my toes into Spanish - but after this program, I’m all in!” J. Janoff summer ‘12

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Spanish used to be intimidating, it’s so much more fun and inviting now” R. Kessler, summer ‘11

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Thank you Common Ground – my daughter matured so much over your program this past summer! She is so much more independent and confident now” R. Berger, summer ‘12

Dates & Costs for 2014:

Dates & Costs for 2014 2-Week Program: June 26 – July 10 ($3,300) 4-Week Program: June 26 – July 24 ($4,700) Included Not included Round trip flig hts from Denver to San Jose Extra flight legs to and from Denver All in-country private transportation & driver Native Costa Rican Guide on excursions Tips for guide ($2-3.00 a day) 2 meals a day Lunches (& dinners while on adventure travel portion) All lodging with homestay families and in hotels while on excursions All park entrances, & extra curricular activities Optional excursions: Waterfall rappel Coffee tour Bungee Travel insurance Airport Exit Tax Language school tuition & material

What is the next step?:

What is the next step? Apply for the program (online application) Make your deposit (online or by check) Pre-departure preparations begin in April

Thank you!:

Thank you! Do you have questions? You can email me at: Or if you would rather schedule a phone conversation call at 303-684-5557. Be sure to Like our Facebook page where you can view photo albums of our immersion programs! And Follow us on twitter!

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