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If you are looking for made to measure tweed suits, Contact RoomTen. They offer a distinct and beautiful shopping experience so you can find custom fabrics, custom trims, and a seamless fit.


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THROW A UNIQUE STYLE STATEMENT WEARING TWEED OR BESPOKE SUIT When it comes to throwing a style statement nothing is better than wearing a suit. Suits look elegant and classy and when they are customized their overall appeal is enhanced. Customized clothing is one of the most popular options and people are choosing bespoke or  tweed suits  over the readymade garments.

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WHY A BESPOKE SUIT? Bespoke tailoring is quite popular. Those who want customized clothing that fits well and looks spectacular should go for  bespoke suits.  It looks incredible. One you choose bespoke you will not like to wear anything else. Though machines are used for stitching the bespoke suit one will always see the real sense of tailoring. It is worth every penny you spent on designing and stitching it. The end result will fill you with awe provided you get it done by an experienced professional .

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WHY TWEED? Though  tweed suits   are common why it is the best option many do not know. Tweed is thick and offers a good amount of insulation during the winter season. It is ideal for wintertime. If you are thinking to stay outdoors or have a party or wedding to attend outdoor then tweed suit will just work perfectly. It will not only look classy but will also keep your body warm.  It can be worn on a date too. Your style will definitely be impressive. 

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