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?DAY 1? While we where at Mount Maunganui we learnt ... Rules: *swim between the flags *have an adult with you/never swim alone *Know your limits *Stay calm during a current or rip *Read the signs

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?Day 2? On the tramp up Rainbow Mountain we... Rules Tell someone where you are going and what time you should be back Take enough food and water to last you your tramp Take warm clothing Then we relaxed in the Waikete hot pools

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At the Aquatic Centre we were... The activities that we did through out the day were kayaking, life saving skills, life jacket skills and floatation devises. Flotation devises. Floatation devises are something that is not filled with anything such as water. While we were kayaking we learnt how to stop us from falling off. Also how to flip the kayak over and how to row in it. ?Day 3?

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