7 Common Roof Insulation Myths Busted

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Checkout the blog where we've well busted the myths of many minds when it comes to roof insulation.


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7 Common Roof Insulation Myths Busted


Insulation plays a starring role in every part of our home, from the floor to the walls and all the way up to the roof. It helps with temperature regulation, sound deadening, and overall comfort. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of misinformation about the benefits and pitfalls of insulation. Today we're going to bust some myths, explore seven common mistruths associated with roofing insulation. I Can Safely Remove Asbestos Myself! This point is too important not to mention. Asbestos is a highly hazardous material and up until the 90s, it was used in a range of building products, including some insulation. While you're right to want to remove asbestos, you should never attempt it yourself. If you believe that your roof contains asbestos insulation, contact a professional. They’ll be able to remove the asbestos for you, leaving you with peace of mind. Of course, if you have a modern roof you won’t need to worry about asbestos, but we’ll talk more about that later.


You Can’t Install New Insulation All properties come with some level of insulation but what if it’s not enough for your needs? Fortunately, you’re not actually stuck with the insulation that comes with your home. You can get new insulation installed in your walls and roof. Harnessing the latest technology and techniques, a residential roofer can install brand new roof insulation for you. Insulation is Only Good in Winter Sure, insulation is good for winter but won’t it just make you bake in the warmer months? This is actually a common misunderstanding. While insulation definitely helps to keep the heat in during the colder months, its usefulness isn’t limited to winter. Good roof insulation will also keep your home cool during summer. As well as keeping your home comfortable in all weather, good roof insulation will also save you money. This is because you’ll be spending less on heating and cooling.


Roof Insulation is a Fire Hazard This myth is probably the closest to reality. While insulation can be flammable, if it is safely and professionally installed it is completely safe. A qualified roofing contractor will take everything into account when they install your insulation, making sure you have a comfortable property and nothing to worry about. Insulation is Bad for You This myth comes from the days where asbestos was used to create insulation. If there is asbestos in your roof, then your insulation may be dangerous and it should be removed. Fortunately, modern insulation materials are completely safe as they are made with harmless polymers. For those concerned about allergies, there are actually low-allergen fibreglass insulations available.


All Types of Insulation Provide the Same Benefits This is simply not true. There are different types of roof insulation, with different benefits and disadvantages. Cellulose, fibreglass, foam board and mineral wool are just some of the options, all of which have different features and benefits. Talk to your roofing contractor about the best option for your roof. Roof Insulation is Bad for the Environment While some forms of insulation are made from crude oil, many others are made from renewable sources. Some are even partially or completely recycled. So your choice of insulation can actually have a positive impact on the world. Do You Need Roof Insulation in Perth? Are you looking for new or replacement roof insulation for your property? Contact Roofing2000 today. We offer a variety of products and services suited to you, including safe and professional roof insulation



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