Essential Things to look When Choosing a Roof Color

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Essential Things to look When Choosing a Roof Color A roof replacement is a great opportunity to transform your home’s look. When planning for this project one of the things you’ll have to decide on is a color for your new roof. This can be a daunting task as this color will be part of your home’s exterior for decades. In today’s post Roofing2000 one of the top roofing contractors shares the top factors to consider when selecting a roof color: The Local Climate Aside from aesthetic appeal your roof’s color also has a significant effect on your attic’s temperature. This in turn makes a huge difference in your heating and cooling expenses. Light colored shingles reflect sunlight best helping to keep your home’s temperature cool during hot weather. Meanwhile dark- colored shingles absorb more heat which makes your home warmer. Choose a

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Essential Things to look When Choosing a Roof Color color that will not only look beautiful on your home but also contribute to your comfort. The Other Components of Your Exterior When choosing a color it’s important to take into account your current exterior color palette. You don’t want your roof to stick out like a sore thumb. Take inspiration from the colors of your windows and siding and choose a shade that complements them. For more visual impact you can choose contrasting colors. Remember however that your roof is one of the biggest surfaces of your home so choosing a bold shade may not be the best approach. You can consult a roofing expert like us for color and material suggestions. Your Home’s Architectural Style Not all colors work on all home styles. For instance traditional homes look best with dark classic roof colors rather than bold shades. Determine your home’s style and choose a color that will best highlight its unique features. Your color choice also affects your home’s architecture. Light colors can visually enlarge your home while dark ones do the opposite. Roofing2000 one of the leading local roofers can help you select the best color for your roof. You can also count on us for quality roofing services. Call us today at 08 61664766 to schedule a consultation. We serve communities roofing service in Perth Australia.

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