Ron Ten Berge and his Time at Frito-Lay

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Ron Ten Berge and his Time at Frito-Lay Continued :

Ron Ten Berge and his Time at Frito-Lay Continued


At Frito-Lay, Ron Ten Berge worked as a district sales manager. He was super focused on growing volume and gaining additional distribution and displays. He managed twelve route sales people and his approach to management was people and leadership oriented.


He was specifically hired as a management associate because he was part of a management training program designed by Frito-Lay for new college graduates. This program was formal and regimented and he was exposed to many different facets of the business which was an asset.


He was only twenty-three years old when he entered this position and it was an amazing opportunity, especially given that he was right out of college and he received a ton of training that would help him throughout his career.


Frito-Lay’s idea behind the management training program was: new graduates could get trained for a year and then become a district sales manager. When Ron Ten Berge finished the training, his mentor called him and asked if he was ready to enter into a management position.


He said yes. There Ron Ten Berge was, in a management position, at the largest Frito distribution center in the country, which had just undergone a union organization attempt. Now , attempts at union organization generally happen when workers aren’t happy or satisfied.


Frito Lay hired a number of new managers during that time, including Ron. He had twelve men working for him who were much older and more experienced. What this very first job taught him was how to be resilient and handle change and stress at a very young age and this has served him well throughout his career.

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