Cardiac Emergency in Kolkata? Call the cardiac emergency department

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Cardiac Emergency is a situation where a person’s heart stops operating or operates at a lesser efficiency. Under this situation, call the best cardiac emergency department in Kolkata.


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Cardiac Emergency in Kolkata? This is what you should do!:

Cardiac Emergency in Kolkata? This is what you should do !


Cardiac Emergency is a situation where a person’s heart stops operating or operates at a lesser efficiency .

Signs of Cardiac Arrest:

Signs of Cardiac Arrest Development of unbearable chest pain Pain in shoulder, upper back and abdominal area Difficulty in breathing


Vomiting Sensation A feeling of Dizziness Weakness


If you find some of the symptoms in the patient, then its confirmed that the person is suffering from a Cardiac Arrest .

Actions That You Should Take:

Actions That You Should Take


Do not wait for the patient to suffer more. The first requirement is contact the cardiac emergency service. You can dial: 033-40315000 and ask for a Cardiac Emergency Service at your doorstep. People who got treated within the first hour of Cardiac Arrest have a survival rate of 80%. This is why the period is known as the golden period . Act within the first ‘Golden’ hour


Keep the patient calm Keeping the first requirement is to help the patient relax. Panic would worsen the situation and will create more problem. Make the patient sit or lie down and help the patient to breathe with ease.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a form of exercise performed on patients whose breathing has stopped. If you have taken training or have prior knowledge of the same, help the patient to get back his breath . Perform CPR


Do not try to feed the patient anything as the same can result into choking. Simply wait for the emergency arrive and take care of the proceedings .


ILS Hospitals offers advanced Cardiac care with facilities like Cath Labs, Laboratory & Diagnostic services, Critical care Unit with life-saving ventilator, etc .


G et in touch with us through any of the following means Email: ILS Salt Lake Address: DD-6 , Salt Lake City (Near City Centre ), Kolkata – 700064 Phone: 033-40206500 ILS Agartala Address: Capital Complex Extension P.O - New Secretariat, Agartala – 799010 Phone: 0381-241-5000 ILS Dumdum Address: 1, Mall Road, Near Nager Bazar Flyover, Dum Dum, Kolkata. West Bengal-700080 Phone: 033-40315000

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