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Teaching Basic Horsemanship Skills :

Teaching Basic Horsemanship Skills Ronald Weisz


Ronald Weisz is a natural businessman who has achieved international success. He is also, however, a natural horseman who enjoys training horses and helping others discover the horse and rider bond . If you’ve taken it upon yourself to teach basic horsemanship skills to a friend or family member, you can approach the endeavor similar to how a professional like Ronald Weisz might. Early lessons like those below will help you begin:


Senses, Instincts and Communication. When you’re teaching basic horsemanship, your students must understand the senses, instincts and communication of horses. Provide education regarding how horses react to peoples’ moods, how they sense danger and how acute their senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste are. Furthermore, basic horsemanship should help students understand the instincts that drive horses and how horses use body language and vocalization to communicate


Types of Equipment. Once students are familiar with the senses, instincts and communication methods of horses, they need to become similarly familiar with horse tack and equipment. This includes grooming tools, bits, bridles, saddles, saddle pads, clothing and any other tools that they will use during your lessons.


Basic Training Concepts. Students who understand horses and the equipment that they will use are ready to become familiar with basic training concepts. For example, you could begin with how to handle behavior issues like nipping, how to use pressure and release training, proper reward versus punishment approaches and the importance of training consistency


Training to become a riding instructor like Ronald Weisz will help you learn more about teaching horsemanship. Consider visiting a successful operation, like Drumcoura Lake Resort and Equestrian Center, for a look at where the career could take you .

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