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GreyOrange is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics warehoue systems,pacel sorter and automated warehouse robots for automation in warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers


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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Supply chain operations What they were 1950 What they are today

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Consumer expectations have outpaced warehouse evolution… Changing Consumer Expectations Flexible Warehouses 1960s 1980s 2000s 2005 increasing rate of change… 2010 Evolution of consumerism Warehouse evolution Rise of consumerism Cost-conscious consumer Racking increasing storage Accessibility and variety increases Simple flow functions like conveying e-commerce boom starts Smaller frequent orders Sortation systems complexity faster and cheaper Omni-chann el IT WMS

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Investing in automation has been a challenge In a changing business-scape Distribution Model Ownership Model Product Mix Channel Mix Material Flows Business Changes Warehouses are affected by change… Change Vectors… • Scale • Inventory Profile • Material Handling • Layout/ Processes • Location Decreasing Automation Efficiency

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Rigid Automation A B Automation Hardware Highly repetitive task Fixed Input Fixed Output Highly complex task Variable Inputs Variable Outputs Scalability Flexibility Complexity Benefits Machine Learning Standard Autonomous Modular Units Intelligent Automation A1 A2 An B1 B2 Bn Intelligent automation is the way forward…

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Approach

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. About GreyOrange 2011 600+ 300 Year-on-year revenue growth 25 54 40 Of revenue invested back in RD Foundation year Employee s Patents filed Workforce in RD GreyOrange is a multinational technology company that designs manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation in warehouses distribution and fulfillment centers. Through the use of flexible automation the power of AI and exceptional customer service we work closely with businesses to recognize their needs optimize the supply chain and enhance process efficiency. As we prepare businesses for the future our customers can focus on what they do best: create sell and innovate. We help our customers evolve their business without sacrificing what makes it unique. Founded in 2011 GreyOrange is headquartered in Singapore with offices in India Japan Germany and USA and three state-of-the-art research and development centers in USA Singapore and India.

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Inventory Management Order Consolidation Goods movement VAS Packing Sorting Dispatch Receiving QC Bringing flexible warehouse to life Our vision is to enable world’s most flexible warehouse

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. ‘35 Most Innovative Companies’ 16’ ‘Top 50 Robotics Companies’ ‘Global top 30 entrepreneurs under 30’ ‘Biggest Indian Robotics Company’ Thought leader in supply-chain Innovation and industry 4.0 – Robotic Business Review 2016 ‘17 ‘18 – MIT Technology Review – Forbes – BBC

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Copyright © 2018 GreyOrange Pte. Ltd. Flexibility Forward.

slide 11: EMAIL US AT : INDIA Orient Bestech Business Tower Sector 34 NH8 Gurgaon 122004 Haryana India T : +91 124 392 6800 SINGAPORE 25 Kallang Ave 05-05 Singapore 339416 | T : +65 6589 8380 JAPAN 1107 Helios Kannai Building 3-21-2 Motohamacho Naka-ku Yokohama - 231-0004 Japan GERMANY Zeißstraße 14 30519 Hannover Germany | T : +49 160 144 8695 CONNECT WITH US AT : USA 1545 Wills Road Suite 120 Alpharetta GA 30009

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