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Whether It’s your travel memories or your Visit at a particular place, with GPS Map camera stamp application, add Datetime, Map, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Weather, Magnetic field, Compass to Your Camera Photos.


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GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos     Add GPS Location      Is GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos Add GPS Location Any Good 5 Reasons You Can Be Certain 1. Add Templates: on the photo such as Photo Location stamp Date Timestamp GPS tracker Stamp Location image Stamp Satellite Map Stamp Longitude Latitude stamp to the Photos. 2. Individuals having Destination celebrations of events like Weddings Birthdays Festivals Anniversaries etc. 3. Persons having outstation Meetings conferences Conclaves Meetups Events arranged by companies or Institutions solving and serving a particular purpose 4. Travelers Explorers can effectively utilize Geo-tagging camera 5. Travel Food Fashion Art Bloggers can advance their experiences with adding GPS Location through ​ GPS Map Camera

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Camera apps are continuously growing. With the thousands of camera apps you have a lot of options. While scrolling back the photo album on the phone do you remember all the places where they were clicked Not really Well now you can with the use of ​ GPS Map camera ​ stamp application in phone and whenever you click the pictures you will have the location on it so there is absolutely no way of forgetting the place of where it was clicked. When was the last time you stopped and talked to someone to tell you where are you Probably that would be a long time back. With this navigation app GPS Map camera: ​ Geotag Photos add GPS Location on a smartphone you can survive even in the middle of nowhere and can get to know the location where exactly you are located by just clicking a picture. Hence you take a picture this application will stamp the Google map location address date-time temperature latitude longitude on your photo you also get the flexibility of stamps you want to use in your photo you can choose any stamp you want on your photo while clicking a picture.   2

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If you want to tune the location you can even do a manual setup. app supports latitude and longitude. This application is easy to set up GPS location and GPS coordinates for GPS Tag requests. Geotagging is the way toward adding land directions to a photo. Geotags provide important information that allows the location of an image to be spotted on the globe. It also helps to get the useful information to navigate back to a location or to provide details about where a photo was captured. Why to have GPS Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone ❖ To Add Satellite Map Stamp on Photos ❖ To Add GPS Map Location Stamp to Photos ❖ To Add Geotag Stamp on photos ❖ To Add Photo Location stamp ❖ To Add Date Timestamp ❖ To Add Longitude Latitude Address Date-Time Location stamp to Photos ❖ To Check GPS tracker Stamp on Photos ❖ To Get a Location image Stamp. For experiencing such Interesting Features download ​ GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos Add GPS Location ​ Application Right now in your Smartphon ​ e.   3

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