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Adding stamps on photos has become a new fashion for Photographers.Time stamps create a good memory association with photos. Timestamp camera Application gives you different stamps - Time and Date stamps, Logo stamps, GPS Location Stamps, Signature text Stamps to get added on photos. Application also provides a camera to click pictures by using Timestamp camera Application.


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Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp on photo Our smartphone has emerged as a real friend in need and is playing an important role in simplifying our day-to-day tasks changing your viewpoint towards information. It isnt at all wrong to state that the technology of mobile is growing at the speed of light and the applications have become a vital part of the digital ecosystem. GPS tagging pictures allow you to insert original pictures with information about the place within your image so that you can actually know where the picture was clicked. Do you know exactly where that amazing pictures were taken You can remember such information forever by just using ​Timestamp camera Application in your smartphone it allows you to add place name time location city country postal codes as well as latitude and longitude as well. When was the last time you stopped and talk to someone to tell you where are you Probably that would be a long time back. This timestamp camera app allows you to insert original place information within your image so that you get an idea of where that place is actually located Ever felt like you were visiting a beautiful place for photography but didn’t recognize where that place actually locates The ​Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp on photo application will help you in remembering the physical location by just clicking a photo from the app. So that can remember whenever you want to come back to that location in the future to spend some time and enjoy the beauty with your loved ones.

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Whether it’s your travel memory or our visit to our favorite place with Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp on photo application we can get information such as date-time map latitude longitude city place country known places logo to your camera photo. Interesting Features 0f ​Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp on photo ​ application: ● Ratio: you can choose the camera size according to your requirement ● Grid: it gives you different style of layouts for well-framed photo ● Flash: You can use it as flashlight also in your smartphones ● Rotate: the app gives you the flexibility of taking pictures vertically as well as horizontally

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“You can directly turn on/off Date and Timestamp Location stamp Logo stamp Signature stamp on camera screen by clicking on stamp setting option” How Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp Application works STEP 1: Install the App from Google Play Store STEP 2: Enable GPS in Phone to get accurate GPS Coordinates and information STEP 3: Track GPS Location of Your place while taking beautiful pictures STEP 4: Save the picture with all the details STEP 5: share all the pictures with your friends and family Why have “ ​Timestamp camera: DateTime location stamp on photo ​” application in your smartphone ● To solve all issues related to date and time camera ● This timestamp app can be used to have date stamp photos and also Timestamp photos ● Use timestamp camera free app for multiple reasons ● Free camera to timestamp all your memories beautifully ● Easy photo stamp with the help of in-app camera Who Can Use It: ● Civil Engineers: Can measure the Latitude / Longitude of the working site ● Architectures: Takes ​the photographs ​of the working site and plan accordingl ​y ● Event Organizers: Taking pictures and planning the event and set up according to the place ● Selfie lovers: to recollect the Place where they Click the photographs ● Travelers: To capture the traveling locations and movements And many more take lovely pictures with the Timestamp camera application and share them with loved ones as sharing option is additionally available within the application. Youll likewise observe your stamped pictures within the gallery. Continue Experiencing your astounding photography abilities alongside a timestamp camera.

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