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CONTENTS Understanding of poverty housing Challenges to face Definition of poverty housing Keys to solve poverty housing Development challenges Housing finance Importance of housing finance Urban poor Special problems of urban poor References

Poverty Housing:

Poverty Housing No standard definition of "poverty housing" is applied across the region defined by UN International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights "The States parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family , including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions " "a place to live in peace and dignity”

In Other Words:

In Other Words " Inextricably bound to the workplace, child raising, education, health care for the elderly and personal security, as well living conditions as a whole, including also emotional and psychological security for the family, particularly women and children "

housing requirements:

housing requirements tenure security Affordability Adequacy Accessibility proximity to services availability of infrastructure cultural adequacy

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Case study as In the majority of the developing countries of the Pacific islands, a high proportion of people live in inadequate housing , severely limiting prospects for economic and social development. Over 40 per cent of the population of these nations 4 million people live in poverty housing in towns and cities, squatter settlements and rural villages.

Never the less, they share many of the same challenges:

Never the less, they share many of the same challenges small domestic markets and limited economic growth increasing poverty and declining living standards rapidly increasing populations and high rates of rural-to-urban migration growing squatter settlements in urban and peri -urban areas poor infrastructure and housing regulatory mechanisms land conflicts and ethnic tensions extreme vulnerability to natural disasters.

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While Pacific island nations receive substantial development assistance, governments and communities cannot keep pace with the increasing number of households living in inadequate housing.

Keys to successfully addressing inadequate housing:

Keys to successfully addressing inadequate housing Recognizing that squatter settlements are permanent and require basic infrastructure and social services integrating housing with improvements in basic infrastructure , including access to safe drinking water , improved sanitation, solid waste management, electricity and all weather roads balancing between rural and urban areas to help stem the flow of people to urban areas and the slow depopulation of rural communities identifying safe and suitable land for housing for poor housing finance

The development challenges :

The development challenges limited economic growth and rapidly increasing populations poverty and declining living standards poor resource management growing squatter settlements in urban and peri -urban areas inadequate serviced land and poor housing regulatory mechanisms lack of political stability and weak governance structures

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Pacific Island Poor Housing

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Faces Daily

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Constructing & Repairing Houses

HOUSING FINANCE : Ways to help the poor pay for housing:

HOUSING FINANCE : Ways to help the poor pay for housing For people of all income groups but especially for the poor , housing is not a product, but a process . It ’ s not something that is completed all at one time according to a plan, but is developed in stages , as a household needs and resources change.

Why housing financing so important:

Why housing financing so important Housing is a fundamental human need and right Housing is expensive It makes sense to borrow to buy the housing we live in But to do that means finding a willing lender


Scenario You don’t have to study Asian cities very long to realize just how serious their housing problems are, and how many urban households simply cannot afford decent housing of any sort. In most countries, large portions of the urban population cannot afford adequate housing , and are having to squeeze their household into a smaller and smaller unit, living far from work on the periphery of town, building their own house or renting a shack in a slum or squatter settlement.

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To accommodate a wide range of housing needs and a growing population, a city needs to provide a steady supply of new housing “ Most urban poor simply cannot afford decent shelter and this is where housing finance becomes so important ” when a little housing finance and secure tenure are made available to people, the quality of housing, even at the bottom end of the economic ladder, can improve dramatically

Urban poor:

Urban poor “ urban poverty nationally at 40 percent of the total urban population ” 31% of the urban population is poor 79 percent of the rural migrants in Delhi live in squatter settlement ‘the urban poor are only an out-flow of the rural poor in to the urban area’

Special problems of urban poor people:

Special problems of urban poor people Urban migrants from the country side have been cut off from their community The social security systems, both formal and informal, which survive in the rural areas, are not nearly so developed in the urban areas The cost of living in urban areas is many times higher than in the rural areas The rural economy is still not fully monetized , while in urban areas, one has to pay for everything in money

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The physical environment in which the majority of the urban poor are forced to live is usually far more degraded, brutalized and violent Almost all the efforts for shelter and livelihood of urban poor people are illegalized , even criminalized in effect, their equal citizenship is constantly contested Most rural poor people have some land and cattle or other animals, which is their insurance against bad times. The urban poor have no such asset security , only their labour power


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