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ME Civil – Town & Country Planning  By: Roll No 4. Patel manoj Enrolment no: 120420748004 ROLL NO 7. Shah Palak Enrolment no: 120420748007 Guided By :- Prof. Sejal Bhagat SCET subject:-planning studio-2   DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING SARVAJANIK COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Athwalines, Surat, Gujarat 7/22/2013 1

Contents : 

Contents Introduction Objectives Town Planning Scheme Scenario Analysis of Existing T.P. Scheme Proposed T.P. Scheme Different block details Road details and costing Proposal of Road intersection Proposal of Landscape Proposal of Rotary 7/22/2013 2

Introduction : 

Introduction A Town Planning scheme popularly known as “Land Acquisition without Tears” Gujarat state  land management  land pooling & readjusting. Town Planning Scheme involves Public Participation at all stages of Proposal & development. The Town Planning Scheme thus is a legal document that is the basis for assessing and determining proposals for the use and development of land in the Town at micro level. 7/22/2013 3

Objectives : 

Objectives To study land use patterns & land management practices in India. To study the provision of Gujarat Town Planning Act, 1976 for urban expansion. To study the TP proposed in Adajan (T.P. 32) with the total area of 79.10 Ha. To prepare an alternative of T.P. Scheme for the area where T.P. Scheme is proposed. To compare the Existing & Proposed T.P. Scheme with Salient features. 7/22/2013 4

Study approach : 

Study approach 7/22/2013 5

The Town Planning Scheme scenario : 

The Town Planning Scheme scenario First town planning act was implemented in 1915. This provided for planning of small areas around the city, which is growing or proposed for growth through Town Planning Schemes. Act was modified in 1954. This Act provided for preparation of development plan (master plan) for the entire city along with detail planning through T.P. Scheme. The recent version of the Act is of 1976. Today we have provision for covering areas beyond city limit. 7/22/2013 6

Surat city scenario : 

Surat city scenario Source – SMC Website (updated on 21st June 2013) 7/22/2013 7

Site location of our T.P. Scheme : 

Site location of our T.P. Scheme 7/22/2013 8

Slide 9: 

7/22/2013 9

Locational features of T.P 32 : 

Locational features of T.P 32 At South of site, T.P no. 31 (Adajan) is proposed. In North-East of site T.P no. 13 (Adajan) is proposed. Parshuram garden is situated inside our TP. SMC swimming pool is located in the North-East of our T.P. There is 36 m wide proposed DP road adjoining at north-south part, a 24 m wide road connecting Adajan-Ramnagar is passing in the northern direction of TP, & a 18 m wide Honey Park road at the eastern direction of T.P. is passing 7/22/2013 10

Original Plot : 

Original Plot 7/22/2013 11

Laying out of plots : 

Laying out of plots 7/22/2013 12

Final Plot : 

Final Plot 7/22/2013 13

Salient features of the proposed T.P. Scheme : 

Salient features of the proposed T.P. Scheme TP area is 791006.6558sqm. For transportation link mix pattern is adopted. 7/22/2013 14

Block details : 

Similarly other block details have been tabulated Block details 7/22/2013

Slide 16: 

Reservation for educational purpose Reservation for recreational purpose 7/22/2013 16

Road details : 

Road details 7/22/2013 17

Development cost of roads : 

Development cost of roads 7/22/2013 18 Source SOR 2012-13

Proposal for Road Section : 

Proposal for Road Section 7/22/2013 19

Development cost of street lights : 

Development cost of street lights 7/22/2013 20 Erecting the MS – steel pole with concrete foundation having Tube Light; the height of poles being 7.5mt with a spacing of 25mt and 5mt with a spacing of 25mt Source: SOR 2011

Development cost of drainage service : 

Development cost of drainage service 7/22/2013 21

Proposal for landscape : 

Proposal for landscape 7/22/2013 22

Proposal for Rotary Intersection : 

Proposal for Rotary Intersection 7/22/2013 23

Conclusion : 

Conclusion After studying all aspects of Town Planning Scheme and various models we conclude that land pooling and land acquisition is most effective tool for land management because of the involvement of public participation to develop non-gamtal area. With the help of this studio exercise, we learn how to forecast the growth of the city in proper manner and how to control the haphazard development of the city. 7/22/2013 24

Thank you : 

Thank you 7/22/2013 25

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