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The technology to be utilized on May 09, 2016 National & Local Elections in the Philippines.


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Three MAJOR COMPONENTS of the Paper-Based AES Machine that: scans and tabulates ballots prints and transmits results. . Administers, accumulates and issues reports of each election results sent by the VCM. Software Platform used to: define and organize the elections configure the VCM and CCS ballot format and design *Automated Election System


The SAES1800 plus , also called the Vote Counting Machine (VCM), is used to count and tabulate the ballots for the 2016 National and Local Elections . This ballot tabulator is used with a compatible ballot storage box. This system is designed to: Scan marked paper ballots Interpret what the voter marked Tabulate each vote Divert invalid ballots Generate reports Transmit the results Store the digital image of the ballot SAES - Smartmatic Auditable Electoral System About the machine


User-friendly device; ballots can be inserted in any orientation and both sides can be read simultaneously, optimizing the voting and counting processes. An auditable equipment that facilitates the processing of ballots with 100% accuracy. It keeps an inalterable audit log that is protected by a digital signature. Moreover, the LCD screen gives real time information. Configured to automatically reject invalid ballots and duplicates, and store them in an alternate container. This optical scanner recognizes any type of mark on the ballot, such as filled ovals, either completely or partially. ACCURATE VCM characteristics VERIFIABLE SECURE PRACTICAL FAST ACCESSIBLE TRANSPARENT Stores a digital image of every ballot, which proves useful to validate results. Machine is easy to store and carry.


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen - an 7” diagonal viewing area and touch screen capability for data and system navigation input purposes. Cast Button - has a check mark used to cast ballots. Return Button - has an X mark used to return ballots. Ballot Entry Slot - a narrow opening where ballots are inserted and/or returned. Parts and Specifications Cast Button LCD Screen Return Button Ballot Entry Slot


iButton Receptacle - contact point for the Security Key . Thermal Paper Compartment - designed to allow easy loading and reloading of the thermal paper. Headphones Plug - used for audio review. Parts and Specifications iButton Receptacle Thermal Paper Compartment Headphones Plug


Ballot Exit Slot - O pposite of the Ballot Entry Slot at the back of the unit where valid ballots are ejected after passing through a feed mechanism. Ballot Diversion Slot - Slot where invalid (fake, previously cast, invalid) ballots are diverted to. Parts and Specifications Speaker Speaker - Audio output of the machine.


Ethernet Port A port on the right-hand side of the machine. It is used for connecting the external device for results transmission. Main Data SD Card Slot This is where the removable main data SD card is inserted. Backup Data SD Card Slot This is where the removable backup data SD card is inserted. Parts and Specifications


Backup Battery Port This is where the backup battery is plugged in. USB Slots Where the USB transmission device must be inserted. Power Button Used for turning the VCM On/Off. Direct Current (DC) Port Where the power supply of the VCM is plugged in. Parts and Specifications


THESE FEATURES WILL NOT BE USED IN THE 2016 ELECTIONS Parts and Specifications Multi-protocol Transmission Device (MTD) Used for transmission devices that has an RJ11 connector. Voters Information Unit A peripheral that allows for biometric interpretation. Use Indicator An indicator that determines if a machine is being used or not.


iButton - The VCM is activated by the iButton when it makes contact with the iButton receptacle. Storage Device (SD) cards - Main and backup SD cards are used for data storage. Thermal Paper - Paper used for printing and is loaded in the thermal paper compartment. Components and Peripherals


Ballot Box translucent box for valid ballots. Top cover covers the ballot box, where the VCM is installed. Components and Peripherals Inner Bin translucent bin inserted in the ballot box used to collect diverted ballots.


Headphones used for audio purposes. Cleaning sheet used to clean VCM scanners. Components and Peripherals Backup Battery must be connected to the machine, in case of power disruption.


VCM Adaptor connected to the power cord and prevents power surge. Power Cord This must be connected to the adaptor and a power outlet. Components and Peripherals Backup Battery cable color coded cables used to connect the machine to the backup battery.


3/2 Prong Adaptor used to plug the 3pin power plugs to common 2-slots power outlets. Components and Peripherals SIM Card Subscriber’s Identity Module card, pre-loaded for transmission.

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