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Wholesale Chocolates Confectionery Suppliers Romaisa Vof

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02 Milka Hazelnut Chocolate Shop for milka chocolate at wholesale price in Africa South America and Hong Kong from Romaisa VOF the leading wholesalers and Distributors of food and beverage products. The bar is soft and extremely sweet. The only thing that moderates that sweetness are the crushed hazelnuts. They’re well distributed though I’d probably want more of them but I understand that this is a bargain bar. The nuts are fresh and crunchy. The dairy flavors are on the toffee and toasted sugar side instead of tasting like powdered milk Cadbury sometimes can. The bar is nicely sized and the little domed pieces are easy to break off. Milka presents hazelnut chocolate It contains 100 grams Made of hazelnuts and milk chocolate from 100 alpine milk Available in additional flavors sold separately

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03 The bite is very soft the caramel on top has a lot of give to it but not much pull. The chew has a nice texture with the peanut butter coated crisped rice as a highlight. It’s quite sweet though there’s also a hint of salt. I don’t get much more peanut butter or sort of thick satisfaction that I find in a regular Snickers. Packed with roasted peanuts nougat caramel and milk chocolate.Snickers Brand handles your hunger so you handle the things inlife that aren’t related to hunger at all. Wholesale suppliers and distributors of Snickers Chocolate in Netherlands Africa South America Middle East and Hong Kong. Snickers  is a brand name  chocolate  bar made by the American company Mars Incorporated consisting of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts The nougat is salty and the caramel chewy all the nuts are crunchy ... the almonds are especially bold and I do recall at least two hazelnuts Wholesale Snickers Chocolate

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We are wholesale suppliers and distributors of Kitkat Chocolate in Netherlands Africa South America Middle East and Hong Kong. The chocolate coating is rather slick and has a little bit of an oily melt but also a good roasted coffee and woodsy chocolate flavor. The center looks light and crispy just like the usual wafer layers but it has the precise flavor and texture of feuilletine. Tasty chocolate Vegetarian product Packed safely The ingredients for this version of KitKat unfortunately show that this isn’t a true chocolate product as many Nestle chocolate items tend to be these days. The chocolate coating includes vegetable oil though a lot less sugar than the usual chocolate coating so part of what gives this a premium feel is that it’s not as sickly sweet as the standard milk chocolate KitKat. 04 / R o m a i s a V o f / i n f o r o m a i s a v o f . c o m + 3 1 6 8 5 8 1 1 8 9 0 Nestle Kitkat Chocolate

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