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How to Design a Roll-Up Banner The Three Most Important and Useful Points to Remember when Designing Your Roller Banner When it comes to designing a proper roller banner there are always a number of different aspects to consider. This would include the words or text the banner size and where it will be used or placed. But even if you forget to pay particular attention to these details your banner still has a good chance of being effective. However there are other banner details that you should never ever neglect or forget. Below are the three most important and useful points to remember when you are designing your roller banner. 1. The right images Images count for a lot whether you are designing a roller or pop up banner or another form of printed advertisement. But when it comes to

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the images on your roller banner think about this: the images need to be seen from a distance because banners are usually designed for passers-by or for potential customers who may see it from across a crowded convention or conference hall from across the street or from their vehicles. The images you choose for your roll up banners need to be of the highest quality. As a rule of thumb images should be saved in CMYK format which makes them ready for printing and at least 300 dpi. You can find dozens upon dozens of images online but it would be a good idea to invest in a number of images even if you have to pay for them. 2. The best colours Colours make a significant impact on your roller banner as well. With carefully-chosencolours your roller banner can stand out and captivate your audience. But you also have to remember that the colours you choose also have to complement your existing product or company logo. Also consider the colour of the background – it has to go well with the colours you have on your image/s and text. For instance if you have a

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red background this would go great with black text. The same is true for yellow text and a red background for example. Try not to put similar colours such as white and yellow together because this will make it more difficult for your audience to read the information written on your banner especially when they are seeing it from a distance. 3. The proper contact details Of course you should never neglect your contact details either. This is particularly useful if you are joining a conference or exhibition with your roller banners where you may not get the chance to talk to everyone. Don’t forget the three most important details: your telephone number your website address and your email address. If you have enough space you can also add your Facebook page or Twitter account. Place the contact details at the bottom but make sure they are clear and easy to make out.

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