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The fiber optic connectors we offer are made connectors with a protruding ferrule that holds the fibers and align fibers for mating. Check it out today.


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Fiber Optic Patch Cord :

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Our fiber optic patch cord can be utilized in a wide range of applications comprising of data cabinets, equipment rooms. Contact us now for more details.

SFP Optical Transceiver :

SFP Optical Transceiver Our SFP optical transceivers are interchangeable, portable media connectors and allow a single network device to connect a wide range of fiber.

PLC Splitter :

PLC Splitter Our PLC Splitter is a completely passive optical branching device that exhibit uniform signal splitting for the most sophisticated optical networks. Contact us today.

SFP Module :

SFP Module Roll Ball brings to you SFP module and transceivers to Gigabit Ethernet and fibre channel applications. Check out our website right now.

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