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its a simple description on cloud computing


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CLOUD COMPUTING by Roji philip N 21 december 2010

introduction : 

introduction 21 december 2010 Desktop computing pc centric!! Cloud computing document centric!!

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21 december 2010

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21 december 2010 In June 2009, a study was conducted and found that 41% of senior IT professionals actually don't know what cloud computing is and two-thirds of senior finance professionals are confused by the concept, highlighting the young nature of the technology.

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21 december 2010 Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.

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21 december 2010 “Cloud” is simply a metaphor for the internet Users do not have or need knowledge, control, ownership in the computer infrastructure Users simply rent or access the software, paying only for what they use

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18-Jan-11 Why Cloud Computing ?

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21 december 2010 Major Service Providers of Cloud Computing

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21 december 2010 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud “Amazon EC2” allows users to pay only for capacity that they actually use

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21 december 2010 Google invests more than $2 billion a year in data centers for cloud computing. Google App Engine Macfast mail id!

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21 december 2010 Azure Workin on all security threats dat can happen

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21 december 2010 IBM are developing cloud computing applications for the everyday user called CloudBurst.

Services Provided by Cloud Computing : 

Services Provided by Cloud Computing 18-Jan-11

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21 december 2010 Software as a Service Defined as service-on-demand, where a provider will license software tailored Customers can utilize greater computing power while saving on the following Cost Space Power Consumption Facility

Platform as a Service : 

21 december 2010 Platform as a Service Provides all the facilities necessary to support the complete process of building and delivering web applications and services, all available over the internet Google App Engine.

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21 december 2010 Infrastructure as a Service Fully outsourced service so businesses do not have to purchase servers, software or equipment Allows cost savings for the service providers, since they do not need to operate their own datacenter Amazon’s EC2, GoGrid, RightScale and Linode are few of the examples of service providers.

Wide Spectrum of Usage : 

Wide Spectrum of Usage 21 december 2010 BitTorrent Skype Groove LinkedIn SecondLife YouTube Qualys Google Microsoft Forums Blog‐space Website Hosting VPS FaceBook WebEx Yahoo matrimonial

Key properties of Cloud Computing : 

Key properties of Cloud Computing 21 december 2010 User Centric Task-Centric Powerful Accessible

Cloud Computing Pros : 

Cloud Computing Pros 21 december 2010 Reduced Hardware equipment Improved Performance Lower Hardware and Software Maintenance Instant Software Updates Accessibility Less Expensive Better Collaboration Pay for what you use Flexible

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21 december 2010 Cloud Computing Cons Security Issues (#1 concern) Internet connection Too many platforms Location of Servers Time for Transition Speed

The Future of Cloud Computing : 

The Future of Cloud Computing 21 december 2010 Many companies are only using cloud computing for small projects. The trust hasn’t been accepted Details such as licensing, privacy, security, compliance and network monitoring need to be finalized for the trust to be realized

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conclusion : 

21 december 2010 Thus cloud computing provide a super-computing power .so lets hope dat in our nearby future v can expect much bigger services with dis wonderful architecture. conclusion

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21 december 2010

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