Augmented and Virtual Reality Market for Commerce Industry

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The commerce industry saw a huge change when e-commerce concept gained mass adoption. Prominent companies such as Walmart, Blockbuster suffered when people began purchasing products online, and players such as Amazon, eBay and Netflix gathered the majority of market share. Augmented reality and virtual reality could become an extension to e-commerce. For example, recently, IKEA launched an application called “IKEA Place” which allows users to view the furniture products as if they were placed in the user’s home.


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Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Market for Commerce Industry Forecast 2018-2023

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Americas hold the largest market share in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Commerce: Americas region holds the largest market share in the Artificial Intelligence in Commerce Market. However APAC witnesses highest growth during the forecast period and is expected to reach. Americas Artificial Intelligence in Commerce market is mainly driven by the higher penetration of the AR and VR technology among the tech savvy people. The key applications including Tourism E-learning and E-commerce among others. Contact :

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Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report: • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has opened up new avenues for Commerce Industry. V- Commerce Virtual Commerce which is Augmented and Virtual Reality integrated Commerce has brought in quite a remarkable change in the online retail world as Augmented Reality doesnt require or requires less hardware and requires devices that most people are familiar with such as tablets and smartphones. • Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technically elaborates the scope of E-Commerce and took the interaction to a whole new level altogether. Contact :

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Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report: • MAR Mobile Augmented Reality is expected to account for more than 52 of AR Application Market by 2023 • Mixed Reality is likely to be a key driver for implantable payment market. • More number of consumers like their favorite shopping apps to be equipped with AR/VR experience. Contact :

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Key Players of the Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Market for Commerce Industry • eBay • Amazon • Ikea • Facebook • Sephora • BMW • Harley Davidson • Sotheby Download Sample Report Contact :

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Company Profile Analyst Briefing Data Tables You Can Customize the Report as Per Your Need. We have included Some Customization Options Key Contacts Contact :

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