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How AI helps in Content Curation Artificial intelligence AI responds like a human and that can think as human science that deals with building intelligent machines. It holds exceptional future opportunities in digital marketing. The impact of AI and machine learning goes far beyond. Many organizations are giving the efforts for learning on AI cutting-edge applications with at least one benefits they can achieved. As a business owner or marketer it is time to identify the problems that your business is facing and how accurate insights can solve these issues. By collecting all the data into one place that can be spread across numerous applications will help you get accurate insight. AI for Marketing Content: multiple ways to drive business outcomes 1. AI for content curation and atomization: One of the earliest use to curate content from multiple sources cases for AI in marketing content was built from newsletters etc. Re-purposing content through automatic process will break long format content into several short formats or then to turn one form into another is also a common way AI can help leverage the content production investment optimally. 2. AI for repetitive content at scale: AI generated content in content marketing is the quick scale-up of content that is repetitive. In several languages AI can address that efficiently where the content is used repetitive. It may not be the best use of a full-time writer and AI could easily take over. 3. Reporting : Reporting and measurement is central to marketing success but it’s resource intensive. For a proper reporting it will takes time. Finding compelling insights to make decisions with takes even more

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time. AI can assure the delivery of data to be successful by automatically and for reporting a huge time saver is available. AI content creation can identify trends humans may overlook by ingesting large data sets. What is content curation and how does artificial intelligence improve its ROI Artificial intelligence has helped solve many of these challenges. Here are some reasons that more marketers are turning to AI to improve the quality of their content curation strategies:  To find content for companies to syndicate the process so Artificial intelligence algorithms are used make it easier. They use similar machine learning algorithms to Google which are able to draw better insights into the contextual relevance of content.  To find sources of content some concept were previously used and it is difficult to identify. Deep data mining tools give them access to content that might not even be indexed by Google.  Artificial intelligence tools streamline the process of editing content to make sure that it is properly presented to your target audience.

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1. Automatically Generate Content The marketers in the field of artificial intelligence can automatically generate content for simple stories such as stock updates and sports reports. Even you read the content also by an algorithm your content can be tracked without noticing it probably. 2. Deploy Chat bots to Interact With Users Chat-bots that can be used in artificial intelligence to give mimic conversation with users. One example is in Facebook Messenger which uses chat-bots to carry out quasi-conversations with users answering queries and concerns in real time. 3. Custom News Feed Algorithms Artificial intelligence enables social networks such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram to customize users’ news feeds. This allows them to only see the posts they’re interested in. These social networks analyse literally that can predict with reasonable accuracy which posts a user will like comment hide or mark as spam hundreds of variables. The ads that customers might be interested in so algorithms used for giving relevancy scores to social media ads so users only see.

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Also Read – how to create content through bots How AI gives the revolution in Digital Marketing Better User Experience Customer experience is the most important aspect of digital marketing strategy to be successful in digital marketing. Become recurring customers and have brand loyalty is be done when the content is relevant to the user they are more likely to convert. With its ability we can collect data and decide that Artificial intelligence can significantly help in which content takes most applicable part that can based on things like location historical data and past behavior. Predictive Customer Behavior AI can be personalize and predict a behavior for new and existing users via customer experience on past behavior but it can also. AI can collect information about your users across the internet with the help of data management platforms DMP collecting second and third-party data now and not just in a session on your site. AI can enabling your targets for your potential leads and eliminating those some unwanted factors that to convert enabling you to concentrate on formulating and executing effective marketing strategies. This can help personalize to their needs automatically through journeys and by seeing others profiles. Real-time customer support One of the biggest thing is the introduction of AI with chat-bots it is an automated tool that gives the impression customers look for in a good digital experience is quick resolutions and response. By using AI you can feel to an actual customer service person in real time AI can deliver that experience in real time. Benefits of Using AI: Here some of the ways as discussing in artificial intelligence for your market which can benefit you as a way of digitizing by having the impact of digital marketing in AI.

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1 The efficient way to use Your company will grow by taking more efficient of your marketing efforts. This shows an automatically increases in revenue and for your company expansion while using efficient marketing equals more products and services. 2 Saves more time Using AI will save you a lot of valuable time you could be spending developing your business with your strategic skills. This shows how much research you have done looking for the best methods the best advice for your industry new solutions and learning about the campaign success and failures of others. 3 No errors and Save money To error-free results we suggest using AI in the business leads and since most of the work is done by the intelligent machines that can analyse and solve large volumes of data. By doing this for a lot of time you can save a lot of money and that could have otherwise been used to higher more employee or pay their overtime dues. 4 Help businesses achieve epic breakthroughs AI and machine learning enable people to overcome those blind spots working through areas that seemed impossible or where the dots didn’t quite connect. This is well achieved by AI through predicting defects before they happen. Conclusion: In the market audiences use the power of machine learning to better understand purchase intent. We giving Digital Marketing Services Bangalore for AI analyses a number of search queries in trillions to figure out when people are close to buying and this activity are tracked in millions of websites and surface ads that will be more relevant and interesting to them like frequently asked questions even easier by providing them with ways to search for product or service they are looking for.

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